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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Infographic: How Families Plan Their Vacations

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Earlier this week I asked via Facebook and Twitter what your must-haves for an accommodation were and if, like me, it depended on the destination. Generally, I'm happy with free internet, as long as wherever I'm staying is affordable, but when I'm going on a bigger trip, I like to have more included. For my trip to London and Europe - which I officially have all my accommodations and airfare booked - I was looking for places to stay with a kitchen, internet and a washing machine. This might be a lot to ask for, but we'll be gone 2 full weeks and being able to work, check email and do my laundry for free (so I can pack less and save money) were pretty much things I needed to have. Do your needs vary based on where/when you go? Also, how do you choose your destination? 

Your Family Vacation Planner

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