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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pack This: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

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I am addicted to lip balm, and not just any lip balm. I happen to only carry around Alba Botanicals lip balm made with soy instead of beeswax. Inconveniently, I can only find it at natural stores around here. I have lip balm everywhere. In my purse, in my toiletry bag, in my office drawer, in my medicine cabinet. It is hard for me to branch out and find a lip color that I can stand up to my need to moisturize my kisser.

The first time Sephora sent me a VIB bonus (yes, I spend way too much money there), I received $20 off my purchase. I thought it was my chance to try something new that might also be a great travel product and help me color my lips while also softening them. Well, I found it. Fresh sugar lip tints are where it's at. It's natural, moisturizing, contains SPF and completes your beauty routine. You can also find Fresh products in stores and through Amazon.

I purchased the sugar plum lip tint with lip polish. The polish smells lovely and exfoliates your pout. It leaves behind a yummy flavor as well. Finish your face with your favorite color lip tint. There are five to choose from including coral, sugar plum, sugar passion, sugar rosé and sugar honey. Great for any look you are going for and any complexion. Pale, tan or ethnic skin tones will find a complimentary color. 
mini size I received with my birthday gift
Fresh lip tints are a fab addition to your travel bag. You get two products in one, which makes your 3-1-1 bag easier to pack, plus they go on smoothly and are fresh and light feeling, so you never feel overly made up. Perfect!

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