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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Infographic: Why Get Travel Insurance?

I bet when you plan your vacations and run through all the everything-that-could-go-wrong scenarios, you barely ever think about things like:

What if I fall and break my leg?
What if my luggage gets stolen?
What if a cab runs over my foot?
What if I have an allergic reaction to something I've never eaten before?
What if there's a freak snowstorm and I can't get home?
What if the airline goes out of business?
What if I get sand in my eye and it scratches my cornea?

Not that I'm trying to scare you, but these things DO happen. Probably not every day and maybe they won't even happen to you. The point is, even if they might not, they could and wouldn't you like to be prepared? For just a few dollars, you can insure your whole vacation and travel party should anything unforeseeable happen and ruin your trip. Though this graphic uses British statistics, the same can be applied to America and other countries. Do you need travel insurance? Find out! And if you do, check out Allianz for affordable packages for any trip.

Would You Be Covered

Have you ever taken out travel insurance and had to use it? Thankfully, I have not had to, but better to be safe than sorry, I always say.

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  1. I must say this is great blog and also funny. Travel insurance secures our whole travel. People should make their own travel insurance during travel outside country or state and this blog shows why. Companies like Patriot America insurance, my trip and Travel Guard provides good travel insurance in my point of view.


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