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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review Times Two! Skyroll Spinner

Have you been looking for the most versatile carry-on out there for your travels (or maybe for the person who travels a ton on your gift list)? I reviewed the Skyroll Spinner before, but I wanted to do a quick follow-up now that I had a chance to use it on my vacation where I dragged it all over, put in both the baggage hold and the overhead, and packed it full of shoes, toiletries, our laptop and other necessary items for my trip. How did it hold up? 

One of my biggest pet peeves with luggage is that it only tends to roll okay on flat surfaces. I am not super strong, and I don't like having to wrench the case over sidewalk cracks or practically pull my arm out of socket when encountering uneven surfaces, like asphalt or cobblestone. The Skyroll was not an issue at all. It rolled perfectly through the airport, down the airplane aisle (really!), along the sidewalk and over the worst cobblestone I've ever had the misfortune of walking on (even in flats).

Look at everything that fits in there!
Eric propped our travel tote on top of it (that didn't have a handle attachment) and had almost no issues with it falling off, even over cracky sidewalks and transitions from wooden floors to escalators. The three handles made it particularly easy to maneuver it, whether we were going up and down steps in the Tube station, hauling the bag up our spiral staircase (sounds awesome, but not great for taking luggage upstairs) or getting the bag into the overhead of the airplane.

On the Metro, Eric keeps his Skyroll friend close!
Another plus of the spinner is that it is compact. Even wrapped up in its garment bag, it fits nearly everywhere and doesn't ever get in the way. That garment bag comes in really handy, too. Nobody is going to be able to steal stuff out of the top portion of the bag, because it covers up the zipper, but not so much that YOU can't get anything out. It also holds extra clothing you might acquire, without adding much bulk. We left with it holding Eric's dress shirt and suit jacket and came back with a cape I purchased at a vintage clothing store. I never had to loosen the straps either, so it didn't come back any fuller than we started, even though we had more in the bag in the end.

There it is in the closet!
As I said in another post, we are definitely thinking about buying another one of these bags, because it's so handy and easy to get around. If you want to read my previous post, do so here, or you can go straight to Skyroll and buy one now!

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