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Monday, November 25, 2013

Review Times Two! GoLite Travel Tote

I have been using my GoLite Tote for my many trips to the farmers' market. In fact, I love it for packing with fruits and veggies and even baked goods. So much stuff fits in the tote, you can't even believe it. Plus, it's got a very strong set of handles that fit comfortably on your shoulder no matter how much you carry in it. Of course, you can see my full-length review here. On my trip, I planned to take it as a bag for my grocery shopping and market finds, but also needed some extra room in a carry-on for a container of snacks, games and electronics, so instead of using another carry-on bag, I decided to use it for that purpose as well. 

This carry-on needed to hold my purse, jacket, travel docs and anything else that was a necessity for 12 hours of flying, since our full-size carry-on bags would be stowed in the overhead. I found the GoLite to be a great travel companion. It also had room to fit anything I purchased at the airport and needed to stash away too.

I promise this is not as awkward as it seems. I just happen to be dragging
my carry-on and also hanging on to my passport and customs paperwork :)

Once we made it to our final destination (London!), I folded the tote into my day bag and took it with me to Portobello Market. Though we didn't buy a ton, it was nice to not have to carry around several plastic bags. We purchased some breakfast goods, a shirt and some coffee. Since we were hopping the train to get to the Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden, we also added our coats to the bag and then dropped it off at the "coat check" when we arrived. Upon leaving, we picked up the tote and then used it to also carry back our gift shop purchases. 

You can't believe how big these pastries were...and delicious.

If you know anyone who travels a lot (or likes to hang out at the farmers' market or bring their own bag to the grocery store), then this bag is definitely a great find. It comes in pretty colors and is affordable, too. If you want to know more about why I recommend it, check out my previous review or go straight to GoLite and purchase one now!

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