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Friday, March 7, 2014

Super Useful Travel Links

Super Useful Travel Links
Who's over the snow and cold? I know it's not just me. Well, if you're like me, you're thinking ahead to your next vacation so you can at least have something to look forward to. This week I found you a bunch of posts for that upcoming trip, along with a story about a lady who probably is done with winter more than the rest of us. Enjoy!

Well, winter has gripped most of America and while there's not way to make it disappear, there is a way to embrace it. Travel + Leisure brings you the best American cities for winter travel. If you are hating on snow and sweaters right now, then you are not alone. Get some sun, value for your money and possibly even a tan with this list. 

It's probably warmer underground right now than a lot of places across the country. Sad maybe, but I love seeing unique attractions and am fascinated by what goes on beneath cities, because there is often some cool history there. If that's you, too, then Travel + Leisure also has the coolest underground attractions for you to visit.

I saw this post on Viral Nova (it was posted on Facebook) and it immediately took me back to my childhood. There is a house modeled after the Flintstones's house. Although it isn't quite the same, though we didn't see some parts of their house and there's no wooly mammoth shower, it is still an incredible piece of architecture carved into the side of a mountain out of rock. If I could afford it or they let you rent it out for vacations, I would certainly see if I could get some friends to scrape together the money to stay there. Cool, right?

If you need to wash that man right out of your hair or just want to go to an amazing exotic location, then check out the South Pacific. Yes, yes. You probably think it costs a fortune and I'm just being mean even suggesting it, but it turns out that it's not as expensive as you think and you maybe just can afford it.

Even if you can't make to the South Pacific, you can probably go somewhere. What would make that trip better? An upgrade, you say? Budget Travel agrees and gives you some tips on how to score an upgrade to give you a more luxurious trip.

Now, I've never been in first class, and I'm pretty sure if I ever was, I would be spoiled for life. Some agree, some disagree. Airfare Watchdog wanted to play devil's advocate and brings you the pros and cons of first class so you know why it is and isn't worth it. Maybe it will make you think twice about paying extra for the upgrade at the gate.

Airfare Watchdog knows that the majority of us are stuck in coach, which isn't always a bad thing. I mean, you don't know what you're missing up in first class if you never get to sit there. It can be said, though, that not all economy seats are created equal. If you don't believe me, they have found the best coach seats on airplanes and you can try to snag one for yourself to see the difference.

Flying can sometimes be stressful. At the very least, it can be totally unfun for many people. I tend to make the most of it and view it part of my adventure. Seriously! I am one of the few people I know that loves the airport and can't wait to get there. 3 hour layover? Fab! More time to look at everything there is there. You're probably not like me and, if you aren't, here are 5 ways to make flying easier. I totally do want in on Pre-Check.

Just trying to sneak in a weekend getaway? Aren't we all? Don't you hate it when you end up wasting time and then your escape tends to be cut short in some way? I hate it when that happens on a regular vacation, but when you only have 2-4 days to get in some fun and relaxation, you want to make the most of it. Here are 8 ways to ruin your weekend getaway, so take note and don't do them.

Have you ever wanted to get away so bad that you were willing to do just about anything? Well, me neither, but this lady in San Francisco is obviously dying to get out and planned to make it to Hawaii, for free. She wanted to go there so bad, she tried to sneak onto the plane not once, not twice, but three times. She got her getaway, in jail. Personally, I think if she's willing to go through that much effort, she almost deserves to lay on the beach in Hawaii.

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