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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Review: Clipa Handbag Hanger

Review: Clipa Handbag Hanger
Do you ever go into a public restroom or a bar and have no place to put your purse? You could put it on the floor, but A) there are disgusting germs that you don’t want to end up taking with you and B) someone could easily snatch it up and run away with it. It would sure make you sad if you either lost all your money and other important stuff or you ended up with some yuck disease.

I found myself in three public restrooms in two days last week that that didn’t have a purse hanger on the door and one that had the fold-down shelf that worked badly. I’m sure you’ve tried to hold it on your lap or keep it on your shoulder. How awkward was that? Really awkward, right? If you never want to have that issue again, then you’ll want to get a Clipa. 

This heavy duty hanger hangs your purse on any table, counter and most doors. Hang it on purse until you need to use it and you’re set. It’s particularly great when traveling and your only choices are to hang your bag on the back of your chair (easy for thieves to steal out of and outright), in your lap (super awkward when you’re trying to eat) or on the floor by your feet (tripping hazard and also easy for thieves to access). Know exactly where your bag is, but keep it out of the way by using Clipa.

The great thing about this purse hanger is that it can hold up an average of 45 lbs, though it has been tested at over double that, so if you have a heavy non-rolling carry-on bag with you when you travel, or a diaper bag, it will hold that, too. In fact, I used it on my table with my small roller bag just to show you how well it works.

The Clipa has padding on both ends, so it won’t mar any surface you use it on. It also comes in a bunch of fun colors, including this year’s it color Radiant Orchid, so you can match it to your bag if you want. It’s pretty, too. It would look great as a bangle, meaning it doubles as an accessory and that’s one less thing you need to pack!

Okay, so now you want one of those awesome Clipas, but while you’re on their site, you can pick up something just as cool and useful. I’m not sure why nobody else ever thought of it. The No Chip Clip is a key ring – that comes in a set of 3 – that has a starter tang that allows you to put your key on and slide it right onto the ring without having to snap your nail off or use a pen or a coin or a paperclip to try to get it open.

They are so easy to use and work just as well as normal key rings – your keys won’t figure out how to fall off – and your won’t ever need to put your nails near the ring. I mean, I have just left keys on my rings before, just because they were so hard to get off again and hurt my fingers. Am I the only one? No? Well then, like me, you are probably going to buy a bunch of packs of these to replace all your key rings…and then tell all your friends about them.

More information on Clipa:
How big is it? Clipa: 3” diameter | No Chip Clip: 1” diameter
Where can you buy it? Clipa website
How much is it? Clipa: $14.99+ | No Chip Clip: $1.99 for 3-pack
Colors it comes in: Black, Silver and a rainbow of other colors

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Disclosure: I was provided with a Clipa Bag Hanger and key rings for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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