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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The French Museum for Everyone

The French Museum for Everyone
I've been to a lot of museums. I like to see different ones when we travel. Though we had some big plans to hit up several in Paris, we again didn't make it to the Louvre and the Dali museum was closed. The Centre Pompidou was on our list of museums that we could get into for "free" with the museum pass that came with our Paris Pass. I had seen on the Metro that they had a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition and they were open later than all the other museums in the city, so we made an effort to get there on one of the days after we had done some general sightseeing. 

The museum has several floors, a bookstore, cafe and gift shop. If you've ever been to Universal Studios in Hollywood and had the joy of taking the 9 escalators from the parking garages and lower lot to the upper lot, you'll have deja vu when visiting Centre Pompidou. We made it all the way to the fifth floor and through the line, only to be told that we needed to buy tickets for the Lichtenstein exhibit on the ground floor. Annoyed that this was not pointed out anywhere, we decided to wander through the rest of the museum (we had already read all about the life and art periods of Lichtenstein waiting in line) and were completely delighted. Most museums focus on one thing and while modern art is not always my cup of tea, the sheer variety at Centre Pompidou was enough to keep anyone interested. 

I enjoy textiles, pop art and retro pieces and Eric likes different stuff, which made it fun to wander the rooms that were never the same and always had something interesting and thought-provoking. Of course, some of my favorite pieces looked like they could have been done by a small child and another was a nylon pantyhose material that was filled with different spices, creating a weird formation, but an interesting smell.

With so much art to choose from, we were surprised by how much more exciting it was from the Tate Modern in London, which we both though was going to be amazing and ended up bored after only 20 minutes. I'm sorry, but a starfish with a shoe and a lady sitting in a chair complaining about life do not count as art to me. At Centre Pompidou, I felt like there was a lot of thought and talent put into each piece. it made me wish I had more time to explore the hundreds of works on display. It truly is a museum that holds something interesting for everyone of any age, whether you are a lover of art or a total novice and think museums are lame. For free admission with your museum pass, it's definitely worth a stop. 

Do you have a favorite museum from your travels? Where was it?

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