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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Infographic: Travel for Chocolate

Just like many of you, I love chocolate. I adore unusual combinations, too. Yes, I'll indulge in a Jaffa Cake or Hershey's Kiss, but I will always gravitate towards something different, like a chocolate ganache with chili powder or maybe chocolate-covered ants (not that I've actually tried these yet). So, when I see something awesome on my travels, I'm likely to pick it up to try. Chocolate fried chicken? Yeah, I'm all over trying that. Here are some truly spectacular spots across the world with legendary chocolate picks for each.

 I got some truly delicious chocolate in Ecuador. Though the majority of their chocolate is processed elsewhere, the stuff that is actually processed in the country is tremendous and still affordable even though it's expensive in comparison to that which is imported.

Have you ever visited any of these spots or do you have a favorite chocolate spot from your travels?

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