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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Personal Freedome From Identity Thieves

You may feel pretty secure in your anonymity on the internet when you're in the safety of your own home, but what about on your phone, tablet or when you travel or go to the coffee shop and use the open Wi-Fi network? There are hackers everywhere that want to steal your personal information, no matter where you go or who you are. Having a VPN on your side can be the difference between safely using the internet wherever you are or having to spend your free time calling all your credit card companies and banks to straighten out problems that have arisen from identity thieves stealing your personal information.

As a frequent traveler and a brand ambassador for F-Secure Freedome, I feel compelled to let you know how important and convenient it is to sign up with a VPN. So, what exactly is a VPN? It stands for Virtual Personal Network, which gives you privacy on top of any security measures you have on your digital devices. It cloaks your location and everything you're doing from others on the internet. When you log onto the internet, your device is given an IP address that can be tracked. With a VPN, this is IP address is not shown, so you can surf anywhere you are on whatever device you've installed Freedome totally securely and anonymously.

Ever wonder why you can't access certain websites when you travel out of the country? I hate it when I want to watch something on my DVR or Netflix, but I can't because I'm not in the U.S. at the time. With a VPN, I can set my location to U.S. and resume using services I pay for.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone now and use it for everything from finding directions and phone numbers to checking email. Phones are hackable, especially as you're out and about using un-secure networks to check your bank accounts  or even just sending texts to family and friends. Keep everything in your phone and what you do online even on your phone away from prying eyes with Freedome. With a VPN, your personal info will never be leaked again, no matter how much you use your phone while you're on the go.

Do you ever read the terms and conditions when you sign on to a public network? Most of us don't. Did you know that a lot of these have terms that you probably wouldn't agree to if you did read them?  The video above shows what happens when a free Wi-Fi hotspot was set up in London and people blindly sign on in order to get online.

Know what else is creepy? Those sidebar and banner ads that seem to follow you while you surf, trying to sell you items and services you searched for recently? Buy that top. Buy that top. BUY THAT TOP! Block the advertisers with Freedome. As it blocks your data and surfing, it doesn't enable search engines to sell your info to those site that bombard you with ads for those things you may or may not have wanted in the first place. Freedome encrypts your data and masks your connection, making your virtually invisible online.

Anti-virus software is not 100% secure, so even if you have it installed on your laptop, it doesn't mean that you are protected. Freedome from F-Secure gives you an extra level of security by blocking viruses, malware and other bad things that can result from surfing the web. Can you imagine how inconvenient it would be for your computer to go down when you're hundreds or thousands of miles from home? Couple that with someone stealing all your personal info and emptying out your bank accounts and your vacation has now turned into a nightmare. Why wouldn't you protect yourself the best you can? 

Not sure if Freedome is right for you? Why not try it for free? 
Use Freedome for 90 days by using code qsf257.

When I travel, I'm always relying on Wi-Fi from hotels, timeshares, Starbucks and other networks to get online and do work, check email and look up directions to places I want to go. Aside from keeping all my passwords changing and hard to guess, it never occurred to me that I might still be at risk from identity thieves. With Freedome, I know I can feel safe and still have access to all my accounts and services. You know what's also cool? If I find sites that I love in other countries that are location-dependent (like streaming shows on BBC websites), I can use those when I'm back home just by using my VPN. 

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Have you ever had a computer or phone hacked, either at home or while traveling?

Disclosure: As a brand ambassador, I am receiving compensation from F-Secure, but all opinions are 100% my own and I never recommend products/services I wouldn't use myself.

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