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Monday, November 23, 2015

Let CardNinja Make Travel Less Bulky

Do you find juggling all your stuff when you travel difficult? I know I do. I have to have my ID out and my boarding pass, plus I like to have my phone on-hand to check my email, flight status changes and to take pics. I've always got a last-minute purchase to make; usually a bottle of water and/or some gum, and rummaging around in my purse to get stuff out multiple times is annoying. Of course, you could put it all in your back pocket, but chances are, at least one of those things is going to fall out and break or get lost forever. Not optimal.

Let CardNinja Make Travel Less Bulky

Want to make your travel days easier? CardNinja wants to help you out. What if you could keep all your important things on the back of your phone? Now you can! CardNinja is a stretchy little pocket that attaches to your smartphone (any smartphone) that holds your ID, credit cards, cash and more. I'm loving this idea, because I only have to take one thing out of my bag at any given time and everything is right at my fingertips. 


I mean, do you ever go through security, then throw everything into your bag, so you can send it through the X-ray machine and not have anything on your person, then panic later because you have no idea where it ended up? This happens pretty much every time I go to the airport. You'd think I'd come up with a better way, but nope. Frantically digging: "Where the *@#! is my driver's license!?" Every. Single. Trip. I finally ditched paper boarding passes and went with e-tickets, but that didn't keep me from misplacing my ID, again.

CardNinja solves my problem. I slip my ID credit card and cash into the CardNinja pocket - it has a textured inside to keep everything in place - and just have to keep track of my phone, through TSA checks, through security screening, through the airport shops, past gate boarding and right onto the plane. It's pretty awesome and I feel totally organized.

It is nice and snug, so you can just stash it in your back pocket without everything falling out or being all bulky. And when you're not traveling? Easily toss your phone into your purse, no matter how small, or your jacket pocket if you're not into carrying a purse. On your trips, you can still keep everything you need together. This is a perfect solution to keeping your tickets and ID together at theme parks when you have to show them throughout your visit. If you are the holder of everyone's tickets, you can hold them all together in CardNinja, because it's stretchy enough to hold up to 8 credit cards and cash. Even with the few items I had in mine, I turned it upside down and shook it vigorously. Nothing moved at all.

Another plus is that it doesn't obscure your camera or your speaker. You may need to take your stuff out if you want to use your flash, like I might on mine, but I hardly ever use that anyway, so it isn't that big an issue.

Want a bit of security? I don't particularly like to travel around showing people that I've got cash and credit cards on display. That's just asking for trouble really. Put a business card in front of the other stuff in there, so it just looks like you're ready to network at any point. 

As you can see, you don't have to apply CardNinja right to your phone. It fits nearly all cases as well and removes just as easily as it is to apply. The sticky 3M backing won't harm your device or take muscle to take it off when you change phones. CardNinja comes in a bunch of colors and styles to match your phone and/or personality, and the price is so affordable, you can easily buy these for everyone you know. They make great stocking stuffers.

More details:
Where can I buy CardNinja? On the Cubi website or on Amazon
How much is it? $9.95-11.95
What's it made of? High quality, spandex blend fabric with durable ultrasonic welding, so it holds it's shape over time and everyday use.

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Disclosure: I was provided with the CardNinja for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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