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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jet Lag Is The Worst, So Don't Get It

If you're traveling across the country for the holidays, there's nothing worse than suffering from jet lag. It can ruin a day or more of your trip. It can also make you cranky when stress is already running fairly high. Here are some ideas on how to combat the dreaded jet lag, so you get to your destination bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, or sleepy and ready for bed if you get there at night. It can be hard getting into the swing of things at first, but if you get your internal clock on your new time as soon as possible, I find that's a good start.

Jet Lag Is The Worst, So Don't Get It
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On our first trip to London and Paris, I didn't try to acclimate myself to local time before I got there, we arrived early in the morning and the first day was a disaster, stressing me out even more. We spent our first two days in London, then took a three-day side trip to Paris. I fell asleep on the train and was pretty much useless for an entire day when we arrived, sleeping most of the day away. Since, I've learned how to deal with jet lag and don't push myself the first few days I'm at a new, far away, destination. Have you ever had a situation where jet lag ruined your vacation?

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