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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

It's that time again. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here, which means gift-giving time. We all have that person on our list that is tough to buy for. They have everything or are super picky. Perhaps they are big on traveling and that makes it just a little bit easier to choose a gift for them. I've broken the list into three categories, depending on how much you can spend, with at least a few **suitable for packing in your carry-on** when you are traveling for the holidays and don't want to spend extra to check your bags or to ship ahead of time.

Splurge-worthy travel gifts

Splurge {$100 or more}

**1. Airline or Hotel Gift Cards: These technically can fit into any category, because you can get them in any denomination. You're basically giving them a discount on travel, which is always appreciated. 
**2. CityPASS: Another great gift for those that are traveling and you know their destination city. CityPASS can save up to 50% off attraction and activities. $79 and up at CityPASS
3. Anatomie travel clothes for women: Anatomie sells luxury travel clothing that packs light and flatters the boy without looking like travelwear. $100 and up at Anatomie
4. Anti-theft React Tote from Travelon: A good, sturdy carry-on bag is important. One that looks fab is a bonus. This one from Travelon helps you stay organized, has a padded laptop compartment an slides onto your roller bag. $110 at Amazon
5. Skyroll or Skyroll Spinner: When you travel a lot for business and need the convenience of a carry-on, with the functionality of a garment bag. These are great when you want to bring suits or formalwear, like going on a wedding weekend or on a cruise. The garment bag fits right around the main bag, making it the best of everything you want a carry-on to be. Original $149.99 at Skyroll | Spinner #299.99 at Skyroll

Moderate {$50-100}

**1. Bluff Works Work + Play Pants for men: Hate bringing dress up pants that you may or may not wear when you travel? Bluff Works look boardroom-worthy, but are made like travel pants, so they breathe and wick moisture, plus they don't wrinkle and resist stains. Wear them to a work function then out rock climbing. $93 at Bluff Works
2. Travelon 3 Compartment Crossbody: Need an attractive handbag that is secure and safe from thieves? Travelon has certainly hit the nail on the head with this handbag. All the features of a travel bag without looking like a tourist. $65 at Amazon
**3. HP Tablet 7: A tablet is the ultimate travel gadget. Use it to check your email, play games, watch videos and more. This one is affordable enough to get for the kids, but has all the features you need to get a little bit of work done, too. $99 at Amazon
4. TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior: Got a real adventurer on your list? The Mother Lode goes from shoulder bag to backpack in just a few seconds. Perfect for camping near home, a weekend in Vegas or backpacking through Europe. With several compartments, everything is kept in its place and it even expands for when you make a few too many purchases and need extra room coming home. $79.99 at Amazon
5. Portachair Harness: Travelers with little ones can make sure there's always a seat at the table with the portachair. It works as a highchair, by holding your child safely in any chair with a back. It also makes for one less thing to rent at your destination and keeps them from having to use those restaurant ones that might be full of germs. $50 at Uncommon Goods
6. Noise-cancelling Headphones: The roar of the plane engine and the murmur of other passengers and the cries of that baby behind you can really make the travel experience suck sometimes. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones can help drown those noises out and help you relax. You can find many different types, like these that are $64.95 at Amazon
**7. Kindle Paperwhite: I am a big reader. Knowing I have a whole library at my fingertips is comforting and means I don't have to weigh down my bag with traditional books. yes, books, because I often finish one on my trip and then need a second one. This way, I have that option, and variety. $79 at Amazon
8. Chloe Hoodie from SCOTTeVEST: I'm always cold, but I like to be comfy and cozy. The Chloe Hoodie is my go-to layering piece, plus it allows me to carry everything with me without a purse. Perfect for your winter travels for warmth and security. You can also get a comparable hoodie with all the pockets for men as well. $90 at SCOTTeVEST

Budget {under $50}

We don't all have a ton of money to spend on gifts, especially if we have a lot of people to buy for. All these budget gifts can slip into your carry-on for wrapping when you arrive.
**1. I Was Here travel journal: I always wish I wrote down stuff each day I travel, but then I never do, because I don't have a journal. I have had this fantastic journal on my list for some time. I think I just might need to cave and get it before my next trip. As much as it's fun to add all your travel details online, nothing beats putting a pen to paper and writing down some travel reminders just for yourself. $13.56 at Amazon
**2. iGo multicharger: I hate to pack a million cords when I travel. My iGo goes everywhere with me, because it allows me to charge all my electronic devices - with the exception of my laptop - with one adapter, either in the car or at a wall outlet. You purchase tips for different devices, based on the type of plug it uses. I have a splitter for mine, so I can charge two items at once. $14.97 for wall charger at Amazon | $6.51 for car charger at Amazon
**3. Quik Pod Monopod: how many times have you gone on vacation and tried to get you and your partner or family in the same shot with no luck, so you end up never being in the photos unless you ask a nice stranger to take a pic? Quik Pod fixed this problem. We have two of these monopods and, though we may get some strange looks, they have helped us get some great photos. $27.05 at Amazon
**4. Crumpled city map: The absolute worst thing about paper maps is having to figure out how to fold it back up. Stop looking like a lame tourist with a crumpled city map. You never have to refold it. Just scrunch it up and put it in your pocket or bag. Awesome! If you know your recipient is going somewhere specific, get them one for their destination city. From $7.19 at Amazon
**5. Hoodie Pillow: Give them the best of both worlds when they travel. A hoodie to block out light and cold and a pillow to help them get comfortable and sleep without getting an achy neck. It's made of super soft material and you'll want one of your own, too. This is a perfect gift for younger recipients, like teens and college students. $19.99 at Amazon
**6. Travelon Convertible Crossbody Duffel: It's a purse. It's a duffel. It's both! This is a great gift for the shopper on your list or the active person who likes to go on weekend trips or hit the gym. It comes in fun colors and makes a great extra bag for traveling and bringing home purchases. From $27.34 on Amazon
**7. eBags packing cubes: Sometimes it is just nice to be organized. Also, if you're not good at packing light, limiting yourself to what fits in a packing cube set may be a lifesaver. These bags are breathable, lightweight and have handles, so you can just take them out and pop them into a hotel dresser drawer. $19.99 on Amazon

More Budget {under $50}

**8. Adult Coloring Books: It's the new hot thing in being a grown-up. You want to relax and do something different. These great books from Skyhorse Publishing are easy to take everywhere you go and you can color right alongside your children. $8-13 at Amazon
**9. Laken vacuum insulated thermos: I am not exaggerating when I say this is the best thermos ever. It keeps cold stuff cold for up to 24 hours and hot stuff hot for around 18. We took ours to Orlando and still had ice at the end of long theme park days even when it was 90+ degrees outside. They come in all sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits everyone's personality. $18-50 at Amazon
**10. CardNinja cell phone wallet: Keep all your cash, credit cards and ID in one spot with this fun little stretchy pocket that fits right on the back of your mobile or the case. It's perfect for travel days, going to the club/bar or for leaving your purse at home. $10-12 at Amazon
**11. Travelon RFID-blocking tri-fold wallet: Men love a good leather wallet. My husband has had his for over three years and it still looks brand new. He loves all the card slots and the dual pockets for cash, so he can separate his receipts, plus the RFID-blocking reassures him that his card info won't be stolen, especially when traveling to crowded areas. $14 at Amazon
12. Butterfly Twists Foldable Flats: A great pair of flats can elevate any outfit and can really save space in a travel bag. These foldable flats are stylish as well as comfortable to walk in all day. Everyone loves a great pair of travel shoes that they can wear in all situations with all types of outfits. $20-45 at Amazon
**13. Posh puzzle books: Logic problems are fun to me, but I know others like crosswords, accrosstics, word search or cryptograms. Whatever you like, there's a posh puzzle book for you. The small size makes them easy to slip in a pocket or purse and keep with you everywhere you go. These make great stocking stuffers, too. $6-10 at Amazon
**14. Universal 3-in-1 lens kit for cell phones: Sometimes you don't want to drag your camera around, and in some situations you might find your phone does a better job than your trusty point-and-shoot. Make your phone even more awesome with these clip-on interchangeable lenses that bring more to your pics. You get a macro lens, fish-eye lens and wide angle lens in this set. Great for Instagrammers and up-and-coming photography buffs. $10 at Amazon

Would you like any of these gifts for yourself?

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