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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: Travelon Anti-Theft Active Medium Crossbody Bag

When you travel, do you need a little bigger bag than I usually showcase? Maybe you have kids or like to take more things or use it to carry your purchases. If any of these describe you, you’ll want to check out the Anti-Theft Active Medium Crossbody Bag from Travelon. I’ve been using it as my everyday purse since it arrived at my door, because it holds everything I need, plus carries other items I sometimes take with me, like magazines, my iPad mini and my lunch.

Travelon travel bag

When you’re on vacation, you want a bag that’s multi-purpose and this bag is definitely that. It has large zippered pockets inside and out that are anti-theft, so everything you keep inside, stays inside. Use this bag as a large “personal item” when you fly and carry your necessities: 3-1-1 bag, electronics, games, snacks, travel docs, passport, wallet. And when you get to your destination, take out the items you don’t need all day to lighten your load and save your back.

It’s large enough to hold all your brochures and small purchases, but manageable enough to not get in your way when roaming a museum or browsing the outdoor market. Don’t want to carry your sweater? It’ll fit in there. That’s actually one of my favorite things about a larger day bag. I’m never missing any of my “just in case pieces”, like a scarf, card game, extra meds or band aids. That’s not the best thing about this bag though.

The Active line has a reflective fabric, so you can be seen in darker environments, even if you’re just crossing the street in the city. It’s always nice when people can see you instead of almost running you over. It also comes in lovely colors, looks sporty and is water-resistant. That’s a must in rainy climates like we have here in Portland. 

Inside, you'll find a large zipper pocket that is RFID-blocking, where you can stash your credit cards, ID, passport and travel docs, plus it's large enough for your tablet. I also use this to toss change into and keep my cash in there, so it's double secure!

There's also two great slot pockets on the other side of the inside, where I put my phone, earbuds and my camera, because that way it doesn't fall into the bottom where I have tor rummage for it. These pockets are large enough to handle your extra big smartphone, but not that Galaxy 7, because you can't take it to the airport anymore. In between those two pockets is a pen slot, which holds not one, but two pens. Love it!

The outside has two zipper pockets, which take up about 2/3 of the size of the bag. one is lockable and the other is not, as it is meant to be worn against your side, where it would be pretty difficult to get into for someone with sticky fingers.

The locking zippers are really easy to use, but they don't have the little doodad you usually use your thumb to open it with, so thieves will have a difficult time trying to figure it out in time before you notice. For you, who knows how to use it, it's fairly simple and won't make it challenging to get into your own bag to get out your money. These side zippers are also rubberized to make them water-resistant and impossible to break (another security feature).

Though this isn't a Mary Poppins' bag, even though it holds quite a bit, you might just need a little help finding things in the dark, so Travelon has added their tiny flashlight to this bag too. It's attached to a clip leash, so you can always find your keys and, in my case, my business cards.

Worried your bag might get snatched while you're having lunch at that cute little sidewalk cafe? Fear not! This bag not only has a slash-resistant strap and body (for when you're out and about), but it also has a locking clip on the adjustable strap, so you can attach your bag to your chair or table and you feel secure while you're enjoying your meal. 

Don't forget to stay hydrated! Or dry. Whichever you choose. You have a nice zip-out mesh bottle holder on the side of your bag, which can also be used for your umbrella. It will fit a regular 16oz size bottle. I didn't have one on hand, so I improvised with this larger bottomed bottle I had in the fridge. It fits nice and snug. Then it zips closed when not in use.

The adjustable shoulder strap is wide enough to be comfortable and not slip off your shoulder if you want to wear it over your shoulder instead of crossbody. It also adjusts to fit right on a small person or a tall person.

This a great bag for your travels, or as a gift for the traveler in your life. It's a reasonable size and price, plus comes in nice classic colors that are unisex. 

More details
Where to get it: Travelon website or Amazon | local travel stores
How much it costs: $44-65
Colors it comes in: black | wine (shown) | charcoal | teal
Additional specs: lightweight durable nylon fabric, size: 12.25" x3.75" x12"

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Disclaimer: I  received the Anti-Theft Active Medium Crossbody Bag from Travelon for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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