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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Traveling In the Off Season is Good for Your Budget

We almost always travel in the off-season, because we can. It saves us a ton of money and allows us to be more relaxed, because our destination is never packed with other tourists and children. Go when a destination is less desirable and you, too, could save big bucks over visiting during when it's most busy. This awesome infographic from Marriott and Lifehacker shows you when and where to travel for the best deals and lowest crowds.

off season travel infographic

Now, there may be a few drawbacks to traveling in the off- or shoulder season. Though things may be cheaper and crowds much thinner, attractions and shops may be open shorter hours and there might be construction that means that you may not have the best views or you might have to skip something. You might also need to readjust your packing and go when the weather is either much hotter or colder than you expected. It happens to us often, but it's okay. It's a small price to pay for saving so much and being able to do more in less time. 

Do you have a favorite off-season vacation destination?

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