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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review: RFID-Blocking Phone Wallet from Lewis N. Clark

Sometimes, you just want to leave your purse at home. I have those days. I want to just run to the coffee shop or take the dog for a walk or I'm out to dinner and don't want a purse getting in my way, but need a way to carry my phone, cards and money. It's hard to find something like that that will hold everything you need, still be small, have a strap and also go with casual or dressy outfits.

phone wallet

Lewis N Clark knows the struggle is real. Since expanding their travel line into bags, they've come up with some very lovely pieces that you won't want to travel, or even commute, without. You've seen the WEA Carry-on Tote that carries your giant laptop and everything else you need to either take on the plane or back and forth to work and they have applied that same chic look to this little phone wallet that you'll want to take everywhere.

This bag is meant for your phone and to make life easier, but that also means you can carry some cards, cash and a few other bits and pieces with you. I grabbed the things I can't live without and stashed them in this bag. Surprisingly, I could have had a few more items in there and not stuff it. The front zipper pocket is for those things you want to get at quickly: cash, gum, lip balm, mints. I love the way the zipper arches, so you don't have to cram your fingers into a tiny opening in order to get your stuff out.

The main compartment is for your phone, cards and other items you have to walk around with.

There are three card slots, 2 wit RFID-blocking technology. Your information won't get stolen, whether at the bar or the airport. There is a nice light colored interior that allows you to see inside. The zipper arches along the one side, giving you easy access to the contents. You can see the couple things I like to have with me, which obviously won't all fit in my pocket. 

The phone pocket fits almost all smart phones. You know a larger slim one will fit, but I decided to show you my old clunkier phone. You could probably fit both your phone and mp3 player inside if, like me, you don't keep all your music on your phone. See how fat that phone is? Slide a battery back-up in there with your normal size phone and you're ready for anything.

I'm sure you're wondering how wide this little bag is with all the things I stuffed into it. Well, here you can see that it's really still pretty slim and manageable. It's big enough to carry your necessities, but small enough that it won't annoy you to wear on your wrist.

I wanted to see if bills would fit in without being folded (some people are weird about that sort of thing) and they do, with a fraction of an inch to spare. And if someone randomly gives you a check (woot woot!), it'll fit in there too.

Once you get to your destination or you switch to a bigger bag, you don't necessarily have to unpack this one. In fact, the strap is removable and you can just toss it in your day bag, or stash it in your carry-on until you get where you're going. Easy, right? I love this little bag and so will you, especially if you hate carrying a full size handbag. The style is classic and will go with anything you choose to wear, plus will match with all the other Lewis N Clark products you may have or plan to purchase in the future, which I heartily approve of. The quilted front is really pretty to me and gives it a bit of visual interest. And don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up!

Additional info:
Where can I buy it? On the Lewis N Clark Website
How much is it? $24.99
What colours does it come in?  black (shown) | teal
Other specs: 5"x7", dirt-repelling nylon 

Connect with Lewis N Clark and learn about all their great products:

Disclaimer: I was provided with the RFID-Blocking Phone Wallet for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. 

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