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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Las Vegas' Neon Museum At Night

In February I went to Vegas with my mom for her birthday. She'd never been to the Neon Museum and had been wanting to for years, so I figured this was the perfect time. If you remember, we went several years ago when we were there in the summer. You can read about it here. That time we visited during the day, so I booked us a night tour so we could see some of the signs lit up. 

The Neon

The "museum" definitely has a whole different vibe in the dark and more like the boneyard they claim it to be. They use external footlights to illuminate most of the signs, but a handful of them are refurbished enough to actually plug in and light up. Here are some of my pics from our visit.

The absence of sunlight can make it a little tough to photograph the signs, especially if you're trying not to blind others on the tour, but they do take on an eerie and magical feel that you don't get in the daytime. It also has the bonus of being cooler at night.

This neon sign from the Liberace museum wasn't here last time I visited, but it's pretty cool, as is the lamp from the old Aladdin. 

Since the Riviera closed a few years ago, they were lucky enough to get a fully-functioning sign that was retired. Because of this, it took a coveted spot in the boneyard and the old Tropicana signed moved to an even better spot on the side of the building, making it easier to see and photograph in its entirety.

Now, I was never fortunate enough to have seen or heard of the La Concha, but their sign is awesome and their matching lobby is as well. It is the same shape as the sign and it comprises the front room of the Neon Museum, making it even more fun and historic.

Have you ever been to the Neon Museum?

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