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Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: Secura Anti-Theft Convertipack from Lewis N Clark

Do you ever wish you had a travel bag that you could use a variety of ways? I have a few packable totes and a duffel, but they aren't really extra strength or made for combating thievery of any kind. Also, only one of those can convert into something else. Hot on the heels of Lewis N Clark's new line of travel bags, they've really gotten into the crux of what travelers want. 

The Secura Convertipack is classy looking, anti-theft and can be worn in three different ways, depending on how you feel that day. The bag is unisex and is perfect to go from airplane "personal item" to day bag on any trip. 

Wear it as a crossbody or a shoulder bag. The adjustable strap is made to work for just about anybody, so whether I carry it, or my husband, the length is just right for either of us. The Secura is a good size, but not too big that you dump it in your hotel room the second you hit your destination in favor of a smaller bag. This is a thing I've done often, so only having to carry one bag instead of packing a second is really helpful to me.

Inside the main compartment are a few handy little card holders. This allows you access from the top of your bag wherever you go, which is not only convenient, but makes it impossible for them to fall out. The slots are RFID-blocking, too, so your information is double safe. Now, I didn't pack that much into this bag, because I chose to add my normal purse things to it, as I would carry it on a day out sightseeing. Think it doesn't have enough room? See that sweater I'm wearing in that picture above? I rolled it up and stuffed it inside the Secura and it still zipped up easily. 

There's this large zippered pocket inside the main compartment. To show you how big it is, I put my iPad mini in it with the cover that makes it twice as thick. It fit with room to spare and once zipped up, you couldn't tell it was even in there. I'd definitely take that with me on the plane, but I've also taken it to coffee shops to do a bit of work around Portland as well. See how much extra space is in the main section? Maybe you need to take a scarf along, or some extra little kid clothes, or snacks, or a bottle of water (or two). You'll have no issue making it fit.

Now, let's look at the front zippered compartment. This is where you put things you use a lot. I kept my lip balm, some mints, a pen, cash, my phone, my "room key" and my passport in there. Still, plenty of room if I wanted to add travel docs, a game or some snacks. 

I like that the zip goes 3/4 of the way around, making it easy to find items and to get them out. I also love that it has a dedicated room key slot. I'm forever losing mine in between my credit cards. It's smart to have them separate. Of course, you can always use it for other things as well. 

I love this awesome slot pocket, because it not only fits my new giant smartphone (Moto Droid Z), but it also fits your passport, at the same time even!

Okay, now to look at the security part of this bag. Both compartments have locking zippers, plus the substantial strap has a stainless steel cable running through it (no slash and grab happening here!), plus has these really hardcore locking clips that I just love the look of. The hardware is gorgeous and super functional. 

Worried about someone snatching your bag while out to dinner or wherever else you are? Unclip one side of the strap, wrap it around something large, like this chair arm, reattach it and lock it in place. Unless someone is willing to run off with that chair, or wants to spend more than a few seconds trying to take your bag and its contents, they are going to go after someone who has a more accessible bag. 

The locking zippers are easy to use, but the clip kind of hides a bit in its own little pocket, so it's not immediately identified as an anti-theft bag (you totally want that when you travel) and it makes it harder for anyone to attempt to work it, especially when you're wearing it.  The bag also has slash-proof construction where needed, meaning no one's going to be able to make off with all your valuables, no matter what. Lewis N Clark uses something called Magnaloft fabric that is both lightweight and flexible. It's also extremely thief-proof.

I didn't forget about the fact that I told you that this bag can be worn 3 different ways. I've told you two, but not the third. Everything on this bag was designed with total use in mind. The Secura has a heavy-duty handle on the top back. It's not just good for picking up off the floor. Nope, when you move your shoulder strap from the top rings to the bottom rings, you can loop it through this top handle and turn it into a cute little backpack.

I've found that backpacks are coming back in popularity, but there will always be someone who prefers the feel of a backpack while they travel. I find that it works better in some situations, like when you want your hands free to take pics, or you're wandering a museum and are looking closely at things and don't want to fuss with your purse. As you can see above, it's quite fun and functional. I thought it was really comfortable to wear and, as you can see, my bag is now stuffed with my sweater from the earlier picture and it isn't bulky or stressing the zippers. 

I really love the look of the Secura and the creative use of the strap to give it many different ways to wear it. So, even if you trade off carrying it on your trips, it is customizable for anyone who wants to use it. If you're looking for a Mother's Day gift, you can't really go wrong with a bag like this. It can also work as a Father's Day or Graduation gift, too, since it's so classic and unisex looking. 

Additional Details:
Where can I buy it? On the Lewis N Clark website or Amazon
How much is it?  $51-69.99
What colors does it come in? Black (shown) | Plum
Other specs: 10.5" x 8.5" x 3.5", tested to cut-resistant EN388 standards, durable nylon exterior with water-resistant PU coating.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the Lewis N Clark Secura Anti-Theft Convertipack for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own. This post also includes affiliate links.

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