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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween 2017

My Halloween party isn't kicking off until Saturday, so I don't actually have any pictures to share yet, but I promise to do a post a bit later. Instead, I'd like to round up all my Halloween daily posts from the month.

Day 31: What's scarier than a bad vacation? Unused vacation days! 
Day 30: I may like to poke around, supposedly, haunted venues, but I wouldn't be able to handle staying in a haunted hotel. If you can, here are 10 of the scariest.
Day 29: There are creepy places, and then there are CREEPY places, though I've been to the Museum of Death and disagree with its creep factor. Maybe I'm the weirdo though.
Day 28: If you want some amazing jack o'lantern inspiration for next year, Kevin Hearne has the most epic on his Twitter feed.
Day 27: Ever wanted to visit the filming locations of your favorite horror films? Now you can! If you can find them.
Day 26: Abandoned buildings and spaces are scary, yes, but they can also be beautiful. Check out these photos from France.
Day 25: Is there anything scarier than being lost in the woods? This haunted experience takes advantage of those fears.
Day 24: Folklore and ghost stories can be fun. Even more fun is going in search of those scary monsters.
Day 23: What's worse than a dead or dying phone? A public outlet stealing all your info when you plug in!
Day 22: Sometimes, traveling people are just "plane" strange. What's the weirdest thing YOU'VE ever seen on a flight? Airline employees weigh in.
Day 21: Would you travel to talk to a bunch of like-minded people about death? There's a whole death positivity movement happening.

Day 20: Oh no! Did you forget your pool floatie or leave it behind on vacation? Now it won't go to waste.
Day 19: What's scarier than travel getting more expensive? What if you had to pay to drop someone at the airport?!
Day 18: Does being lost in the middle of nowhere sound like a good time to you? This company thinks so, and you'll pay them for it.
Day 17: Are you looking to make some friends with some ghosts? Here are 12 of the best haunted houses in the US.
Day 16: Can you imagine checking into a hotel and being asked to check out of the country?
Day 15: Sure, hurricanes and such are scary, but what about an erupting volcano? 
Day 14: It’s surprising that short, slippery, sandy, and uphill runways are even legal. These 9 airports may make you rethink travel.
Day 13: Want to skip the regular hotel room and opt for something bizarre instead? Here are 9 wacky lodgings to choose from!
Day 12: Abracadabra! You just saved money!
Day 11: Can't get away in October? Head to the most haunted place in your state to get some spooky fun.

Day 10: Are you ready to get your hocus pocus on? Here are 10 places to do it. 
Day 9: 11 rickety old roller coasters that will terrify you.
Day 8: There's a giant asteroid coming! Here's how to see it. (Sorry if you missed it!)
Day 7: Hate clowns? Well, here are 10 places haunted by those nightmare-inducing beings.
Day 6: Travel during Halloween time is one of my favorites. Here are 13 places you can go for a spooky time.

Day 5: Swimming with sharks sounds terrifying to ME. If you're into it, here's what it's like to swim with whale sharks.
Day 4: One of these 5 things you should never do on a cruise can actually get you stranded. Whoa!
Day 3: How nightmarish is it to get stuck at the airport due to an airline system failure?
Day 2: Welp. Now it's Southwest's turn to make travelers angry.
Day 1: If you're looking for a quick last-minute trip to plan, here are the best places to go this month.

I hope you all are enjoying your Halloween celebrations. I dressed up as Wayne (Time! Excellent!) at work and will be dressing up for our annual party on Saturday. What are you dressing up as?

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