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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Thoughts On San Diego

It's been a long time since I've done a feelings post, but I wanted to bring it back while on a trip, so you get a little slice of a diary feel. This week we're exploring San Diego. Oddly, this is pretty much a first for both of us. I've been many years ago for a trip to Sea World, but that was about it. Eric and I together have only gone as far as Carlsbad to visit Legoland (also a part of this trip), which means it's high time we've done a proper visit. 


Making: Reservations for Ubers and dinner. Also, the most of every day.

Drinking: Mostly water, but my concierge recommended the cucumber margarita at a nearby restaurant we were going to eat at and it was delightful and refreshing. 

Listening: To the traffic outside the window...and tons of screaming children at the zoo (on a Tuesday!).

Looking: At all the awesome green everywhere and all the adorable dogs being walked all over.

Wishing: We had more time to spend here to see everything we want to do, but that just means we'll have to come back in the future. 

Enjoying:  Pretty much everything, but mostly the wonderful sunny weather before we head back home to Portland where it is cold and rainy.

Wondering:  Why we haven't come here before, because it has all the things we enjoy.

Considering:  Renting a car for our next trip so we can visit the Wildlife Safari Park.

Watching: Not much, though we did rent Boss Baby for laundry night (hilarious) and watched a new 4D show at Legoland that starred all the Lego Movie dudes and President Business's brother, Risky.

Hoping: We'll be able to get to the 3-4 museums, Belmont Park, the Gaslamp District and the bay cruise we want to do before we are on our way home.

Marvelling:  At how much there is to do here and how awesome our US Navy men and women are for living onboard an aircraft carrier. (We took a tour of the USS Midway.)

Needing: To walk more when I'm not on vacation, because I'm totally out of shape. but I'm doing it. Walking several miles a day is helping to get me the exercise I need.

Smelling: Animals at the San Diego Zoo, and delicious foods.

Wearing: Lightweight clothing from Columbia and Lucy to keep me cool in this hot weather.

Thinking: How glad I am that we took minimal clothing on this trip, because it's been easy to get on and off the train to Carlsbad, plus walk around the city with it to get to and from the station.

Buying: Gifts for the holidays, because we don't particularly need anything else, though we will end up coming home with a new ornament for our tree.

Disliking: The sunburn on my shoulders, but I'm remembering to slather on the sunscreen and reapply.

Feeling:  Pretty happy that we had to change our vacation from St. Thomas to San Diego. While I feel bad for the people on the US Virgin Islands, there was no place for us to stay, and we're having a great time exploring this city.

I hope you like these posts. If so (or if not), let me know in the comments and I'll do more or skip them altogether. Don't worry. You'll get some real, full-length posts on San Diego in the near future. If you have an suggestions for things not to miss, let me know, and we'll try to fit it in!

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