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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Extend Your Summer with These 5 Trips

It's October and it's turning into our cold and rainy season here in Oregon. It's not hard to endure one or the other, but both at the same time can be brutal. This is one of the reasons we usually travel this time of year. The others are that it's cheaper and destinations are much less crowded, because the kids are in school.

I don't mind packing a coat and boots when I travel, but there are lots of places you can go in the early fall that are still warm, so you don't have to take your swimsuit and shorts out of your carry-on to finish packing.

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Marrakech, Morocco 

With temperatures still in the mid-80s, you can revel in the sunlight during the day, then add a layer for the evening when they dip into the 50s. This gives you the option to enjoy the beach, hiking, wandering the souks for items to bring home, and wandering the gardens and streets to take pictures of amazing architecture and different flora. October hotel rates are pretty low, so you can definitely fit it into a budget.

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Gran Canaria, Spain

Located in the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria is off the coast of Spain and Africa. The black and white beaches are something to behold, that you won't find elsewhere. And there are 37 miles of them, meaning you won't have to fight for a stretch of sand of your own. Hike the famous dunes, explore the lovely little coast town, and soak up some history while you're there. Whether you're looking for a totally chill vacation or one full of sightseeing and more, you'll find it here.

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Santa Barbara, California

Southern California is usually very comfortable this time of year. We're headed to San Diego, but Santa Barbara is just as fantastic. The weather in both are in the mid- to high 70s, which means you can still head to the beach if you like. Not only are there plenty of sandy spots to call home, there's also awesome hiking and wine tasting venues. If you're a shopaholic or a foodie, you won't run out of places to give you an easy vacation high. Hotel rates are fairly low, as well as airfare, so your wallet will definitely thank you.

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Crete, Greece

Packing your walking shoes and be prepared to climb a billion steps, but with the most amazing views you'll see anywhere. Even the blue and whites of the buildings on the cliffside are photo-worthy. The days will range between the 70s and 80s, making it much more bearable than the crazy hot summers. Not only can you find accommodations in all price ranges, but you can laze on the beach, explore charming villages, go hiking (on more than just steps) or immerse yourself in history. And if you love food, Greece is not the worst place to be to get your eat on.

Sedona, Arizona

Want to rest and recharge? Hit up Arizona when the weather isn't like visiting Hell. Sedona is known for luxury and healing. Get in on outdoor activities, like hiking, golf, and wine tasting, or indulge in spas, yoga retreats, and hot springs. Depending on where you want to stay, you may be paying a little bit more for a hotel room, but you'll make up for it in affordable airfare.

Fall travel without the fall weather is doable if you're creative and think outside of the box. Like I always say, every destination has awesome stuff to see and do if you look hard enough. Ask friends on social media, research online, and do whatever you can to plan the most awesome, off the beaten track, trip you can. What's your favorite fall vacation destination?

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