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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Verizon Has This Year's Hot Gifts

Are you still looking for the perfect gift to put under the tree this year? There are still a few days to go and Verizon wants to help you out with some of the most-wanted gifts of the year, which you can order online for shipping or pick up at your nearest Verizon store. As a current customer, I know how awesome they are, but if you aren't, you should know that Verizon’s network gives customers the broadest coverage, best speeds, and unsurpassed reliability.

So, let's look at two of this season's must-have phones that can work for the electronic lover on your list. Both have the most advanced messaging and photo capabilities, so they'll be at the top of their phone game and the envy of everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 

The hubs has the S7 and loves it. He's a firm Samsung user and he has a lot of fun with his phone. This new version is even better. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8-inch infinity screen so you can watch movies and shows while on the go on the world’s first HDR-certified smartphone display. It has a VR app that lets you watch any video in virtual reality when you have the VR headset. The older version only allows you to do this with Netflix streaming. 

The screen on this phone is bright and vibrant and the menus are simple for me to use, which is saying something, because I am a Motorola girl and they tend to work a bit different, making it difficult to move from one to the other. I like the additional features this phone comes equipped with: video making and editing, texting that allows you to draw on the screen, a huge battery (3000 mAh) that gives you even more talk and play time, as well as split screen ability - perfect for those working on-the-go.

Are they a budding photographer or just use their phone as their main camera? Samsung Galaxy S8 and Bixby, Samsung’s new intelligent interface, makes taking pictures even more fun. With Bixby Vision, Galaxy S8's camera isn't just better, it's smarter. Just point your camera and Bixby will recognize landmarks, and even translate text. Gone are the days of grainy phone photos, the 12MP camera will take crisp, clear pics they'll want to share. Their travels aren't just going to be cool, are going to be freaking amazing! They won't even miss their traditional camera, especially considering how easily they can take, store and share pics, plus the phone itself is easy to hold, even for those of us with smaller hands.

If you buy an S8 now, you can get a second one for free! 

Moto Z2 Play

I have the previous Moto Z Play that allows for Moto Mods, which I have not upgraded to yet. I accidentally washed my phone before that and needed something right away. I wasn't sold on the large size, because my hands are small and I do actually use my phone to make phone calls. It didn't take much time for me to adore it though and I kind of can't wait to get this next version.

This is the phone you need when on the move. Get up to 30 hours on a single charge and receive 8 hours of power in just 15 minutes with TurboPower™ charging. Who wants to wait forever for their phone to charge? Especially if you're traveling and need it for navigation, communication and entertainment. 

You know that I'm constantly taking photos everywhere I go. It's hard to share crap, blurry photos to social media and my blog, but this phone doesn't have that issue. A 12MP camera with laser autofocus and dual pixel technology lets you take faster, clearer pictures, so you don’t miss the moment. Want to take awesome selfies, too? Brighten up your subject with a front and back flash. It's a great way to get a clear pic during those low-light holiday parties. 

And while you can't prevent the weather and rain happens, the Moto Z2 Play is a hardy phone for all occasions. It features an elegant aluminum unibody construction for a premium look and feel. For any potential travel water hazards, the phone is protected with a water-repellant nano-coating to help protect against splashes and weather. It won't help when you accidentally throw your phone in the washing machine (don't do that), but it will still allow you to text and photograph your life if rain happens or you're tromping through the rainforest.

Either of these phones would be welcomed by just about anyone on your holiday list, but Verizon also has other selections, including the new iPhone and the Ionic Fitbit, which not only tracks your exercise and fitness goals, but stores a ton of music, acts as a watch, has built-in GPS and personal coaching. Keep on top of those new year's resolutions, so you look and feel your best and fit into that awesome swimsuit on your next vacay. 

We've traveled the world with our Verizon phones. They have wonderful international plans and you can switch to one when you go outside the country in order to keep your phone number and not have to mess with limited minutes and other country mobile plans. This makes one less thing to stress out about when traveling. 

Verizon even has accessories for all your gear, including phone cases, headphones and those mods that go with both of these phones. If you don't get what you want on Christmas morning, head over to the store and get your own. You won't be sorry. 

Want to shop these gifts and more? 
Find them on the Verizon site or you local store. You can even order online and pick up in store!
How much are they? The Samsung Galaxy S8: from $31.50/month | The Moto Z2 Play: From just $10/month

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Disclaimer: Verizon loaned me the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Moto Z2 Play for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are my own.

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