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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Fun Travel Tours That You Can Book Today

While you can book a hotel room and spend your entire vacation lounging by the pool or checking out local museums, you can also plan a more exciting trip and sign up for a tour. These tours take travelers to fun and/or exotic destinations that let them engage in activities they never tried before like setting off across the desert on a camel or sampling some of the most delicious food in one city. You can learn more about these tours to see which one is right for you before taking time off work and making your travel plans.

Celebrity Tours

Did you know that you could actually book a tour and travel with your favorite celebrity? New Kids on the Block, the boy band who had a number of hit songs in the 1990s, hosts its own cruise. Guests get to hang out with other fans, attend special events, see the guys play live in concert and even attend events to meet members. Celebrity chef Paula Deen occasionally hosts her own cruise too that features cooking demonstrations and other fun events. 

Desert Treks

If you ever wanted to see the Sahara Desert for yourself, why wait? There are dozens of tours that move across this desert every year. You can book a tour in the middle of summer, to take a break in winter or any other time that you want to travel. Some treks let you sleep outside under the stars or in a comfortable tent, and you'll travel with guides who look out for your safety. Some tours provide travelers with camels that they can ride through the sand too. At cometothesahara.com/tours/morocco-camel-dessert-trek/, you'll find a number of tours departing when you want to travel.

Food Tours

Foodies love checking out hot restaurants and diners that feature some of the top dishes in a region. You can plan your own food tour or sign up for an existing tour before your next trip. New York City tours take travelers on a trip around the top delis, restaurants and food stores in different boroughs. You can also sign up for a tour that takes you to food spots that are famous from appearances on television and in films. Other tours let you sample food and pick up ingredients at different shops before taking you back to a kitchen to learn how to put those ingredients together.

For Singles

No one ever looks forward to going through a bad breakup, but it's something that many people experience. When you feel ready to jump back into the dating saddle again, you might sign up for a tour designed just for singles. These tours include cruises that take you to exotic destinations and gorgeous beaches, hiking tours that take you deep into the forest and camping trips for those who like spending time outside. Most tours feature special events to help guests get to know each other like happy hour events and dances.

Jungle Treks

Conquer your fear of the unknown with a jungle trek. Like desert treks, these tours take groups of people out together, but these tours let you spend your vacation hiking through the wilderness. You never know when you might turn a corner and see a herd of elephants roaming free or other wild animals in their native habitats. Tour guides and leaders will take steps to ensure your safety from the elements as well as those animals. Some tours are a little more upscale and features yurts or tents on platforms with decks that let you look out over the wilderness in the morning.

Older Travelers

Though you might think that travel tours are only for younger people, many companies now offer packages for older travelers too. You'll find groups dedicated to those over the age of 50, 60 or even 70. Some cater to widows and other older folks who are single, but there are tours that you can sign up for and enjoy with your spouse or partner. These tours design activities based around the age group of the travelers attending. When planning your next vacation, consider taking a fun tour instead of doing the same thing you always do.

What do you think? Is Morocco and the Sahara a new add to your travel list?

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