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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Review + Giveaway: Phoneloops

Everywhere you go, people are glued to their phones, which might be unsurprising, because they're basically a tiny computer you can carry in your pocket. They contain your whole life really. Now, I'm someone who stashes their phone in their back pocket when I can, but I also like to play games and text on-the-go. You too? Then read on!

How often have you tried to text or check your Instagram or take a selfie and fumbled your phone and dropped it (sometimes directly onto your face, because you are doing these things in bed)? With the increasing size of phones, they can be difficult to hold onto, especially if you have smaller hands. Phoneloops is your answer.

Phoneloops come in two different styles, one that you can use as a wristlet (Petite Loop) and one you can use like a belt (for your hand - Ninja Loop). They are ideal for those that always like to have their phone on hand and are great for those that need to keep a hand free for other things. Case in point: my dog always wants to snuggle with me when I'm trying to play Animal Crossing. I don't need two hands to play, but it's hard to get my person to walk and talk to people if I only have one hand free. 

Phoneloops is helping me to play, give my puppy pets and not be all awkward doing both at the same time. That's not all though. I am able to hold my phone while rummaging in my carry-on for something, while showing my e-ticket, having my ID ready and being able to drag my wheelie bag behind me. 

Are you a runner with no pockets? (because running shorts are woefully lacking) Do you have kids that never stop? Is your dog a bit rambunctious while out on walks? All of these are situations where Phoneloops will be helpful. They are unobtrusive when you aren't using them (so you can still put your phone in your pocket), but so helpful when you need them.  

I've been using my Phoneloop for two weeks and I have not dropped my phone once, plus I've been able to play my games, read my emails, text and watch videos with just one hand. It makes it easier to walk around and use my phone (when I have to. I wouldn't recommend this, because people walking with their nose stuck to their phone makes me want to push them into traffic, if they don't walk out there all on their own when they aren't paying attention to life), ride in the car and play Pokemon (while I'm a passenger), and take down notes with one hand and still keep my phone at an easy reading distance.

Not only that, but Phoneloops are really affordable and they come in fun colors and patterns. I received a handful of them and chose the tropical pattern, because I need a reminder that winter isn't going to last all year...and there are beach destinations on the horizon. It's a fun way to show off your style in a little way. 

Phoneloops are super easy to apply. The strap has 3M adhesive on each end and you press them onto your phone's cover on the inside. It fits through your phone case's holes to keep it in place and help it be more ergonomically-friendly for you. It doesn't harm your phone and it doesn't harm your case, so you can remove it and replace with a new one or change your case when needed.

If you have teenagers who are always dropping their phones, or worse, losing them, you might want to purchase a couple Phoneloops for their Christmas stockings, or a fun Hanukkah gift. This goes for everyone else on your list too, from the Instgram-scroller to your parent who has a shaky hand or a hard time handling small objects. They will love you for your thoughtful gift and your wallet will love you for their affordability. 

More details:
Where can I buy them? Phoneloops website
How much are they? Ninja Loop (shown) and Petite Loop: $5.99 on sale now for $4.99.
What colors do they come in? 
Ninja Loop: Black | Faux | Candy | Tricot | Banana | Stars | Bon Bon | Camo | Chevron | Serge | Maldives | Maze | Polka | Retro | Floral | Bloom | Lys | Pride | Purple | Petale | Charcoal | Anchor | GSD
Petite Loop: Rose | Noir | Zigzag | Picots | Turquoise | Herringbone | Jungle | Parfum | Raspberry | Frost 
Other specs: Your phone must have a case to use Phoneloops, Phoneloops works with the help of 3M adhesive, non-elastic fabric, fits all phone sizes and phone cases, using your case's openings, unobtrusive to phone's camera, charging port and headphone port.

Do you want to win your own Phoneloop? I have four and am giving away two of them! Choose your favorite from the photo above: pink, polka dots, stripes, stars. Comment below with the one you'd like and who on your gift list needs it the most (it's cool if that person is you). I'll randomly choose two winners between blog comments and Facebook comments on December 15th, so it can get to you by Christmas. {Sorry, this is restricted to US and Canada only}

Get to know Phoneloops even more and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Disclaimer: I was given Phoneloops for the purposes of this review and giveaway, but all opinions are my own.

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