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Monday, May 7, 2018

Review: Travelon Anti-Theft Courier N/S Slim Bag

You've heard me say it before, but I'm going to say it again. Different trips call for different bags and I find myself choosing certain purses for each trip I take. I don't often like to carry anything too bulky, but I want something that can carry my essentials, without getting in the way and also keeping my items safe. The Anti-Theft Courier North/South Slim Bag from Travelon does all of that, all in a lovely fabric that's not too sporty and not too fancy. 

This canvas fabric is a great traveler, because the longer you use this bag, the better looking it gets. It's very much like the Heritage collection that I love so much. This even comes in the same colors. 

If you are like me and just like to carry a few things around town with you, so you aren't weighed down, then this slim bag might be exactly what you're looking for. 

There are enough pockets for everything you need, without being overwhelming. The two front pockets are easy to access, with the top one having a locking zipper. I used this one for my camera, so it was quick to get to, but could be safe when I wasn't using it.

The bottom zipper pocket is smaller and perfect for your lip balm and change.

I stashed the few things I use throughout the day in here, or items I'd want to get to quickly on a plane ride or in the airport. This is what would comfortably fit, but you could easily throw a pen inside and a few other small items, like eye drops.

The main compartment of the bag has slots for your credit cards and your passport. These are RFID-protected, meaning all your personal information is safe from thieves with electronic devices that can quickly steal your information. I also like these slash pockets to keep my paper money in, because it's right where you need it and you don't have to dig around for it when you just want to pay and go.

The North/South bag is called slim, because of its slim profile. With your cards along one wall, it keeps the middle free for other stuff you need to bring along, like your sunglasses and snacks. Obviously, more could fit in here, but I don't like to cram a bag full when I'm traveling. 

This main compartment has the signature key leash that all Travelon bags come with, so you aren't taking everything out just so you can get in your car. 

This leash also features the tiny flashlight that comes standard in Travelon bags, because you never know when you need one or you're trying to find something in your bag in the dark, or need to read a map, or find something under a car seat. This is probably the most overlooked, but most useful thing you never realized you needed.

The other side of the bag has a zipper pocket for things you want to keep separate from the main bag. I found it a convenient place for my back-up battery and phone cord for charging emergencies. Maybe you want to use it for makeup or receipts or any number of other things.

The backside of the bag has a large slip pocket. I like to keep my phone handy, and having it in my back pocket can be really annoying and uncomfortable. My large smartphone fit in here with room to spare, and because this pocket is right against my body, I know there's no chance that anyone can just snatch it from me when I'm not looking. This COULD be a concern if you're keeping it in your back pocket.

You'll find the locking zippers are easy to clip on and off the small D-rings attached to the bag in strategic places. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone to steal from you and giving you the knowledge that your belongings are safe and sound. 

And don't forget the best parts of any Travelon anti-theft bag: One end of your adjustable strap is detachable, in order for you to attach your bag to a stationary object while out and about, like while dining. Your strap is also slash-resistant, giving you even more security, and the front of the bag has a slash-resistant mesh in the lining, so nobody can slash and grab your belongings.

While you can wear the North/South Slim bag as a regular handbag, it adjusts to be a convenient crossbody bag as well. This is my favorite way to wear most bags, as it leaves my hands free to shop, pay, take photos and check my phone when needed. 

This bag is the perfect size for when you need to carry a bag, but don't really want to carry a bag. The profile allows it to sit snug against your body and not allow it to get in the way. And if you're still looking for a Mother's Day gift, your mom's going to love this, whether she travels or not. And if you use my special code (see below), you can get 20% off your whole purchase! Woot! 

More details:
Where can I buy it? Travelon website
How much is it? $50 (but use my code SHEREENTRAVELS20% to save 20% off your purchase)
What colors does it come in? Stone Grey (shown) | Navy
Additional specsCotton Blend, 8" x 9" x 2", Strap Length: 29.5" - 54", Strap Drop Length: 14" - 26"

If you love Travelon as much as I do, or you just want to know about new items or how to use current items, find them on social media: 

Disclaimer: I was provided with the Anti-theft Courier N/S Slim Bag for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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