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Saturday, February 23, 2019

How I'm Packing for Vegas

The Travel Goods Show is coming up next month and I'm already packed. Yes, it's four weeks away, but you know by now that I never wait until the last minute to do such things. I have packing down to a science now, so here's how I packed for four days in Vegas:

The bag

I often come back home with a whole bag full of freebies and/or review items, and sometimes a brand new suitcase, so bringing a rolly bag when I might end up with a second one is out. Bringing a shoulder bag is nice, but if I don't end up with a rolly bag, then I have two shoulder bags to figure out how to juggle, so this time I opted for a slim backpack from Timbuk2.

With a small backpack, it's easy to navigate everywhere, I still have my hands free if I have to drag a rolling bag or carry my spare tote and I can shove my small purse in my tote as well, so I'm still only carrying two bags on the plane, one of which fits under the seat. My goal is to not pay baggage fees unless I absolutely have to.

This new backpack is meant for a laptop, so it's padded and has different compartments. It gives me less width in the main compartment though, so I can't over pack.

My laptop

Usually I take my laptop on trips with me to work when I have downtime. It's a monster seventeen inches, because I like a big screen and a separate number pad. This makes it a little difficult to find a bag that it fits in. I do t always bring it on short trips with me, but last year I only took my iPad mini and a keyboard and I really couldn't get any good work done. 
I'll also be flying back through Seattle and taking the train home from there to save money, so that should be a good set up as a little office for those 3+ hours.

My electronics

We've already discussed my honkin' huge laptop. I also bring along my iPad mini, because it's good for games and videos and reading on the plane and in bed. I can also do quick photo editing.

Of course my phone is coming with me. It doubles as a camera, notebook, and distraction if I'm waiting for things. And I keep a large battery backup for long days.

I need to bring charging cables for all these things, plus I always travel with a small power strip, because I like to plug everything in in the same space in my room. That way I know where everything is and I don't forget anything when I leave. It has 3 USB ports and a regular outlet. It's perfect when I travel by myself. (It doesn't look like it's available anymore, but I've used the one above for travel and at home.)

My clothes

I'll be going from cool weather to (hopefully) warmer weather on this trip, but the nights might be chilly. I'm a big believer in layering, so I'm wearing a pair of dark stretchy jeans that are also appropriate for everything else, meaning I can straight from the airport to breakfast to the convention center. On top I'm wearing a basic tee and a cardigan and then I'll have my coat if it's needed. I'll also be wearing walking shoes on the plane.

In my bag, I've packed 4 tops that all work with my cardigan and a pair of nice sandals. My color scheme this trip is blue, black and gray, so everything mixes and matches well.

I'm not doing socks, but I always get cold in my room, so I've packed a small pair of slippers. And , as always, I'm bringing my Happyluxe wrap just in case I need a spare layer or want a blanket for the plane or my room.

Of course I have pajamas: a t-shirt and a pair of joggers. I needed a backup pair of pants in case I needed to run and do some laundry out in public. And then undies and an extra bra.

All of my clothes are rolled up in two very small packing cubes and I've added a packing zipper bag (like a Space bag) in case I'm in need of a little extra space on my way home.

My toiletries

Since most of my time will be spent at the show or with friends (or on the plane/train), I don't really need much. I've packed sample sizes of my favorite makeup, will use my compact powder in my purse, and am only taking some sample size shampoo and conditioner packets. I've got a tiny pot of dry shampoo for days my hair needs a bit more help.

I've opted to save my biggest space for allegy meds and other necessities that cost a fortune if I need to buy them, like Emergen-C, and a bigger tube of sunscreen.

Because I've got TSA precheck, I don't have to separate my liquids and use yet another bag. This in itself is a small win.


I'm always hungry when I'm on the move, so I've packed enough snacks for travel days and an emergency ration or two in my purse for convention days.

Last, but not least, I have a small box of spare business cards and a puzzle book, because you never know and sometimes you don't want to stare at a screen.

For some of you, this will seem like way too little for 4 days, but I don't want to bring a bigger bag that I have to lug around. For others of you, this may seem like more than I need and I salute you. I'm not going to do laundry if I don't necessarily have to, which is why I brought two extra tops. If it's super warm, I want to be able to have a second shoe option that allow my feet to breathe. I know I probably don't need my laptop, iPad and phone, but the smaller two both fit in my small handbag, so I don't feel like I'm wasting space I need for other things that are important.

What are your favorite ways to pack light?

Disclaimer: this post includes affiliate links, which will result in compensation should you shop through them. Not only will you get awesome products, but also my gratitude for helping me keep this blog running.

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