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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Four Unique Date Destinations in Southern Florida

Are you playing the field in southern Florida?  Are you still looking for "the one" in southern Florida?  Then forget about dinner and a movie!  Shake up your love life with creative date ideas to get your hearts pumping.

Photo by Samuel Fyfe on Unsplash

A Train Ride With a Twist

A train ride through the country sounds romantic, right?  Well, there's no reason to stop there, make it a weekend!  There are plenty of options to grab a hotel and train ride broward county, and solve a mystery while you are at it.  The two of you will feel like you are part of the plot as you watch the mystery unfold throughout the train.  Mysteries are hard work, so delicious dinner options are provided.  An experience like this can only increase your bond.

Take Your Love to the Sky

Do you want to shout your partner's name from the rooftop?  Well, you can get even higher than that!  Float your date to the clouds with a hot air balloon ride.  For many, this is a once in a lifetime experience, and they will always remember you along with it!  Pop open some champagne as you watch the rolling hills drift beneath you from high above.  Share a kiss underneath a rainbow.  Just be sure to check the weather, first.

Trot Down the Beach

Beaches are a staple of Florida.  Why not try them out from a different perspective?  Horse back riding through the surf can be a fun way to gain a new skill, meet a horse and feel like Fabio.  Challenge each other to a race, or challenge each other to stay on the saddle for more than 10 minutes.  Whatever your skill level, there's no way not to have fun interacting with these majestic hooved creatures!

Discover a New World

Looking to actually get in the water?  Try snorkeling!  If conversation isn't your strong point, this activity is perfect for you.  The Florida gulf coast offers crystal clear, warm and gentle water - perfect for beginners.  Equipment rentals are relatively inexpensive.  There is plenty of interesting sea life to look at.  Afterwards you can laugh about getting water in your mask while recharging at a beach bar!

The dating game has changed a lot from your parents' day.  Oftentimes, it's not enough to impress your hopeful lover with a bouquet of flowers.  Try adding a wow factor to your outings and increase your chances of romantic success!  At the very least, you can say you had fun trying.

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