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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Streamline Your Travel Beauty Routine

As a person who travels often, I have figured out a way to streamline my travel beauty routine in order to keep my toiletry bag packed with all the necessities, so I don't have to repack every time I go anywhere. 

pillow spray | Neosporin | travel razor
At home, I have a ton of beauty and hair products, which I may or may not use. Sometimes I like to experiment with new looks, but that's when I have time and feel like it. When I travel, I want my daily routine to be as quick and efficient as possible. I want to spend more time out and about, exploring a new city, instead of getting up and spending an hour in the bathroom trying to look camera ready. If, like me, you want to get out the door faster and also pack less, here's how I do it:

Get a Gel Mani

If you're one that likes to have your nails painted and looking fresh, then this is a must. I've spent enough time trying to touch up chips in my nails while away from home, but it gets old. I'd rather just go with bare nails, because they're less maintenance. But sometimes you want to look more polished and put together. In those times, I make an appointment at my favorite nail salon to get a gel manicure. They last three to four weeks and are pretty chip-proof for the first couple. Choose a color (or colors) that will work for your travel wardrobe  and leave your polish, remover and top coat at home, so you can leave that space in your 3-1-1 bag for more important items, like a spare pair of contacts.

eyeko liner | Milk highlighter | Benefit concealer | Coastal Scents


Do you find yourself using the same few products every day at home? Or even when you travel? I do. Moisturizer, foundation or CC cream, powder, highlighter or blush, and mascara. If you're like me, then you already know the handful of products you use the most, making it easy to take those on your trips. Bring along travel sizes of these (or decant them into smaller pots if you can't find them), along with a your favorite eyeshadow palette for special looks, and then you don't have to worry about how you're going to look on your trip. {I like these little GoTubbs for moisturizer & makeup or lotion or coconut oil, which is multipurpose.}

Keep in mind that sometimes you're going to need different products than at home, because the weather is different. I find that my skin dries out more when I travel, so I take a heavier duty moisturizer and top with a CC cream or a tinted moisturizer to give my skin some extra help. I also look for all-natural products that I can get trial sizes of through Sephora or Birchbox, so I don't have to pack full-size items. You aren't going to use that much in a week or two, so big clunky product packages are only taking up unnecessary bag space. I skip anything that I keep in my purse on the regular, like lip balm. Add in your sunscreen and you're good to go. 

CC cream | moisturizer | sunscreen

Look for multipurpose products

I love a good tinted moisturizer, but I also love a combo lip and cheek tint. If you can find products like this that you love, then these are a go-to for your travel beauty bag. Keep it stocked and that's one less thing to worry about.

flat iron | hair serum | travel brush

Go small

Yes, there are all those fun travel sizes of makeup and hair products, but what about other things you use? I have a very convenient, small flat iron that also has a rounded edge in case I want a curly look instead of a straight one. It packs small, comes with its own heat-proof sleeve, so I can use it and immediately pack it up if needed, and it works almost better than my full-size flat iron at home. You can also find mini curling irons and hair dryers, though most places you stay have a hair dryer for your use, which can help you save even more space. I sue this extra space for a frizz-free product, since my hair can get out of control when humidity is involved.

makeup remover wipes | dry shampoo paste

Pick a solid

I'm all for a good shower gel, so much so that I use one that also works as a shaving gel for my legs. I mean, most solid bar soaps dry out your skin, which is not optimal, especially when you just want to be on your way. Instead of bathing in lotion, I pick something I know is tried and true. But when it comes to your hair, solid shampoos and conditioners might be just what you need. If I'm only traveling for a few days, I'll take a trial size packet of shampoo and conditioner, but most of the time, I have pack a solid shampoo and a conditioner so I don't have to bring along a bottle that inevitably leaks. 

Lush, Basin and other companies sell these solid options, and many have a variety of types for your specific hair needs. Now, I don't take the whole thing either. I chop off a bit of each, wrap them in wax paper, and feel better about myself, because a whole bar can last for months. That means I don't need to take the whole thing for a week or two, even if Eric is sharing with me.

What are your go-to beauty products for travel? 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you shop through them, I will receive monetary compensation and be eternally grateful. All items in photos are from my actual travel bag.


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