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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Review: Sockwell's Graduated Compression Socks

As a person who travels quite a lot, walks a ton on each trip, and is on her feet all day when going to a day job, good footwear and compression socks are a must. Being short, my feet don't really reach the floor comfortably on the plane, so it's hard for me to maintain circulation in my lower legs. Not that I have great circulation in my feet in the first place. Sockwell's Graduated Compression Socks are exactly what I need.

Sockwell makes some of the best compression socks, because they've been doing it for a long time. Their aim is to the best. Achieving that, they focused next on stylish options. Just because you need compression socks, doesn't mean you want to look like you live in a nursing home. Heck, those people would probably love some fun styles, too! I know I would.

I picked up a pair of graduated compression socks from Sockwell when I visited their booth at the Travel Goods Show, where they explained to me why they are awesome, why people need them and how to put them on more easily. As long as I've been wearing compression socks, I've never been shown the proper way to get them on my foot. When you flip them inside out, get your toes situated in the toe box, then you can roll them up your leg (sort of like pantyhose), they go on very well, and don't need to be adjusted at all. 

Sockwell not only has graduated compression up the leg, but also the top and bottom of the foot, which you don't think you need, until you have it. These socks are pretty and make you feel taken care of. If, like me, you find that you tend to swell not only in your ankles, but also in your foot, then this is crucial. Swollen feet make for a miserable vacation. Ask me how I know. 

Wear these socks in all temperatures! Sockwell uses a merino wool and bamboo blend to keep your foot temperature controlled, keep your foot dry and shoe from trapping moisture, and not allowing bacteria to grow. This blend discourages odors, unlike other socks made from synthetics. And unlike cotton socks, which dry slowly and stay wet, these also help prevent blisters, because sweat and other moisture isn't trapped and creating unnecessary friction.

Not sure if compression socks are for you? If you walk all day, stand all day, jog or do other exercise, then compression socks can help you prevent blood clots and swelling, and even stabilize your muscles, meaning your legs and feet don't get as tired as quickly. I can attest to the fact that this works, as I walked 25 miles in four days while in Las Vegas, so my feet were, undeniably, in need of some TLC. 

I wore my new Sockwell's on my travel day home, where I flew on the plane and then took a three-hour train ride, all while dragging my luggage alone with me and I never feel like I wanted to just sit down and never move again. My feet were pretty happy and I didn't immediately rip off my shoes and socks when I walked in the door either. 

I find that a good pair of compression socks can really be the difference between having achy feet and legs partway through a long day of sightseeing and still being happy to walk a few more blocks to get dinner after you've gone back to your room to freshen up. Each day of your trip can feel like the beginning of your trip, because you don't wake up with lingering aches from the day before. To me, that's more than worth the extra money you're paying for compression socks over regular socks that don't really do much beyond keep your feet warm. They aren't bulky, so you can wear them with all your shoes and even your skinny jeans. 

Why wouldn't you own several pairs of these for your travel bag?
What's your favorite way to make your travels easier or more comfortable?

More Details:
How much are they? $26.99/pair
Where can I buy them? On the Sockwell website or Amazon
What colors/patterns do they come in? So many! but the ones I am wearing are the Teal Women's Circulator. 
Other specs: Spandex throughout sock, Turn Welt Top, Arch Support, Seamless Toe Closure | COMPRESSION: 15-20mmHG, Moderate Compression | CUSHIONING: Ultra Light Cushion Sole | CONTENT: 32% Merino Wool 31% Bamboo Rayon 32% Stretch Nylon 5% Spandex

Learn more about Sockwell and keep up with the new styles by following them on social:

Disclosure: I was given a pair of Sockwell graduated compression socks for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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