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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Does A Cruise Vacation Float Your Boat?

Ah, a cruise. Is there anything as polarizing as a vacation on a giant cruise liner? When it comes to travel, the answer is almost definitely not. You’ll go on a solo trip, head to dangerous and exotic places, but you’ll stop short at bordering a glorified shed on water. 

Sadly, the perception of a cruise vacation is enough to put most people off booking one, and you might find it enjoyable. You never know whether you will like something until you try it and scratch it from the list. With that in mind, the logical option is to weigh up the pros and cons and come to an informed decision, something most of us don’t do when it comes to travel!

To help, here is a selection of the pros and cons. After that, it’s up to you to make a decision.

Pros of Cruise Holiday

1. City Sampling 

Although you might be cooped up on a ship for a while, there are ample opportunities to get off the boat and explore. A typical cruise stops off at a variety of towns, cities and countries on the route and organizes transport to and from the port. Once in the hub of the action, you can discover what the place has to offer before heading back for dinner and drinks. For those that love to sample different cultures and places, this is the perfect type of vacation. Just be sure to book a package that includes sights which you find interesting.

2. Destination Choice

And, it’s not as if you’ll find it tough to book a cruise that isn’t in line with your needs and wants. As a general rule, there are hundreds if not thousands of itineraries regarding ships and their operators. Some might look the same, but delve into the route and you’ll find small and significant changes which could make or break your getaway. Start by choosing the vicinity, such as the Caribbean or Scandinavia, and tailor it until it’s a fine-tuned schedule that covers all the bases. It takes some thorough research yet it’s worth it when you experience the holiday of a lifetime.

3. Affordable Upgrade 

We all want to seat in a first-class seat 35,000ft in the air or stay in a suite at the Four Seasons, but it isn’t feasible. The sheer cost is too much to spend on a single flight or hotel and so most of us opt for the middle option. If you’re sick and tired or mediocre opulence, a cruise liner is the ultimate choice. Why? It’s because the difference between the middle of the road and first-class isn’t much money-wise. A business-class cabin is a couple of extra bucks but it comes with all the amenities you would expect from a sea view to premium dining. There might even be a free bar to subsidize the costs even more. 

4. Unpacking

Packing and unpacking is the bane of every traveler’s life. You’ve just taken everything out of your case only to find it has to go back in again and it’s annoying. A cruise is different because you’ll stay in the same bed every night for at least a week. So, there is less packing and that makes it feel more like home; it certainly removes the stress. What’s the difference between this and a hotel? In a hotel, you’re in the same place for seven days and don’t get to explore as many places.

Cons of Cruise Holiday

Of course, it’s not all picnics and rainbows as the following will show.

1. Safety 

It’s worth pointing out that cruises aren’t inherently dangerous. Around 20 million people board these ships every year according to The Travel, and only 16 have died up to 2011. Still, there is cause for concern when you’re out in the middle of the ocean, as the Titanic proved. Not only that, but the Hofmann Law Firm points out it’s one of the most dangerous professions, and, if it’s risky for the workers, it’s the same for the passengers. It is always worth checking out the safety features and considering your well being.

2. Port Time

No, this isn’t a reference to the alcoholic beverage! As pointed out previously, cruise ships dock in lots of ports around the world for their guests; however, it still might not be enough. Travelers who like to spend time exploring a place will hate the fact that they are on a timer. Miss it and you will have to watch as your ride sails off into the sunset. If you’re the opposite of a city sampler, you will prefer organizing an adventure and setting your deadlines to avoid leaving frustrated.

3. Prices

The major problem is the price of amenities onboard the boat. The company in charge of the liner understands one thing: you’ve got nowhere to go. As a result, they can increase their prices for the likes of food and drink – the staples – and charge a small fortune. And, if you try to bypass it by bringing your own, they take it off you because it’s banned. Even if you get it through, you’ll have to spend the night running back and forth to the room to fill up your cup which is tiresome.

4. Amenities

Some of the things you’re accustomed to aren’t available onboard or are sub par. An internet connection is a perfect example. While it encourages you to socialize or unwind with a book, you might need wifi to keep in contact with the family. Plus, what if there’s an emergency – how will they get in touch? You can use mobile data but there’s an extra charge when you leave land so it could break the bank. Everybody wants to enjoy their vacation by switching off, but being off the grid isn’t always healthy.

It’s time to decide if the ship sails. So, do you say yay or nay to the idea of a cruise vacation?

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