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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Review: Travelon's Amazing Bottle Totes

Summer has started, which means you're going to outside. A lot. We take trips, we go to the beach, we hit the pool, we go to theme parks, we go to concerts, and we go to festivals. When we travel, we always bring a water bottle with us. It's too expensive to keep buying water all day and it's super annoying to have to carry them or shove them in your purse. In fact sometimes you don't even want to take a purse, but Travelon has you covered with two different bottle totes that are both awesome.

We have been using a bottle strap for our trips, but it's not perfect. It doesn't have an adjustable strap, it doesn't work for all bottles and it's not easy to drink while you're still wearing it. In short, it works, but not well. Travelon has designed two bottle totes that can work for any of our trips/needs.

The first is their Packable Water Tote. It packs into a little square that can fit in your pocket, then unfolds into a great polyester tote that can hold even a large water bottle. It fit my huge Laken thermos with room to spare. It has a great long strap that is adjustable, so it works for me and Eric, who is much larger/taller than me. 

This will work even for those big, bulky bottles you buy at the airport, and the weird shaped ones, like Pellegrino or the square bottles. You don't even have to use it for a bottle. Carry around your travel coffee mug with a closing lid, stuff your cardigan in it. Whatever you need a smaller bag for! I also like that when in use, you have the small pocket inside that can hold some cash or lip balm. 

Eric tested this out by taking it on a day out where he went downtown to play Pokemon and meet a friend for lunch. He was able to have both hands free and didn't accidentally leave his bottle anywhere, which has happened in the past. 

The tote also has a flat bottom, so you're not going to set it down and have to keep picking it up because it fell over a hundred times. Can you guess what annoying things I've dealt with on my outings? LOL 

The second tote is the Anti-Theft Boho Water Bottle Tote, which is a padded tote in a fun pattern that has a zipper pocket in the front for things. I love this one, because not only is it fun, but it also doubles as a "stadium bag". If you have gone to a festival or sporting event lately, you may notice that only certain size bags (in other words, really small bags) are allowed into the venue. These are called stadium bags. 

Not only does this pretty bag hold even a large bottle of water easily, but it has a locking zipper pocket, so you can carry necessities without worrying about it falling out of your pocket or getting stolen. This is also the perfect bag for going through the airport, because it has RFID-blocking technology for your credit cards, ID and passport. It also fits a large phone.

I packed mine like I would go through the airport with it: phone, bottle, a credit card, ID, cash, lip balm, pen, and my powder compact. You might bring something different, like your earbuds or phone charger. They'll both fit. It'll make your trip through security much easier. Trust me.

The tote has an plush, adjustable strap with a locking clip, so it can be secured to a chair or table while you're sitting down to a meal or watching your new favorite band. The body and strap are anti-slash, so you don't have to worry about anyone stealing your belongings, even if they aren't many. Eric's already excited to take this with us to Disney and other theme parks, since he carries the bottle and hates bringing his whole wallet, when he really only needs a few things. Not only will this make riding more comfortable, it will also save us money.  

If you have summer adventures planned, either of these totes will make a great companion to those and all your other year-round errands, outings, and trips. not only are they comfortable to carry, but you'll be able to stay hydrated everywhere you go, as well as save money!

More details:
Where can I buy these totes? On the Travelon website: Packable Tote | Boho Tote
How much do they cost? Packable Tote: $10.50 | Boho Tote: $31.50 Use code SHEREENTRAVELS20% to get my exclusive discount.
What colors do they come in? Packable Tote: Black Grey | Lime Grey | Mosaic Tile (shown) | Basket Weave | Boho Tote: Black Quilted | Blossom Floral | Grey Heather | Mosaic Tile (shown)
Other specs: Packable Tote: Holds up to a 40oz bottle with a base diameter of 3.5", ripstop polyester, water and dirt resistant, packed size 3.25” x 4.25” x .75”, strap drop 15.25"-30". Boho Tote: polyester, strap drop 13"-24", 3 card slots and passport slot with RFID-blocking techonology

Disclosure: Travelon sent me both the Packable Bottle Tote and the Anti-Theft Boho Bottle Tote for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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