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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Review: Travelon's Anti-Theft Metro Small Crossbody

By now you know what a bag lady I am. I have different bags for different trips, because sometimes I need a bigger or smaller one for my activities and now I've got the perfect bag for Las Vegas: The Anti-Theft Metro Small Crossbody from Travelon is both the ideal size, but it's also chic and classic looking. I can go straight from the airport to The Strip. Let's check it out!

Right off the bat, the new Metro collection spoke to me, with it's two-tone material, giving it a classy, yet sort of sporty look. The top looks like waterproof vinyl and then you have a heathered material on the front. Both are actually a water- and stain-resistant polyester, which makes it a great bag for my jaunts around rainy Portland, too.

This bag is more than just great looking. It's not going to stand out in the crowd as a traveler's bag, so you won't be pegged as a tourist when you're in a crowded area with lurking pickpockets. Even if they do decide you are one to rob, they're going to be pretty disappointed, since this bag has two locking compartments and a locking clip on the strap that allows you attach your bag to a chair, table or other immovable object when chilling or eating.

The strap is also fully adjustable, so you can fix it for your body. A man or woman can carry this. It's also slash-proof, along with the body of the bag. Anyone wanting to steal this from you will have to drag you along with it. Nobody's going to go through that much trouble for whatever you have in here.

The front compartment is a patch pocket with a zipper that only opens along the top and three quarters of one side. You might think this is going to be awkward, but it's not. The best part about this is that your compartment can't flop open and spill everything out on the ground. I've totally had that happen to me before. This compartment has RFID-blocking technology for your credit cards and your passport (in fact, two passports can fit in this slip pocket, in case you're traveling with another person and you want everything in one place. 

There's a second large slip pocket here, too. I used it for my phone, but you can use it for sunglasses or other things you need to keep secure. 

There's a large zipper pocket behind this larger compartment. It's pretty deep, and had more than enough room for my large back-up battery (and then some). I like the chunky zipper on here. It gives The bag extra personality and fits with the different material feel.

The back of the bag has a large slip pocket that can throw your maps or guidebooks in. It fit my Kindle Fire, and will fit my iPad mini for the plane. If you use a point and shoot camera on your trips, this is a perfect place to stash it, since it's right up against your body. I'd also use this for a scarf/wrap, when I need a little extra coverage.

Let's talk about the main compartment. It's deceiving, because it's much larger than you expect with the slim silhouette of this bag. I threw some snacks, my coin purse, a packet of tissues and a bottle of hand sanitizer. 

This compartment has another zipper pocket for organization, where I'd keep my kip balm and other necessities. It's pretty deep as well. 

Here are all the things I was able to get in this purse and still had room left for items I might have forgotten or things I pick up along the way. The red bag is a super small packable reusable bag, which I take along with me for groceries and other purchases. 

I'll be taking this bag with me on my week-long trip to Vegas, so you'll be seeing a log of photos of me carrying it around while sightseeing, eating and getting in my million steps along the way. You will probably see it featured in my pics of Scotland as well. It's not too big and it's not too small, which is exactly what I need in a travel bag.

It's very comfortable to carry and you're going to find it the perfect companion for your travels. it gives you peace of mind, has enough room for all your necessities without being bulky, plus the crossbody strap allows you to have your hands free for taking pictures, browsing at the farmer's market, and wrangling the kids. 

More details:
Where can I buy these totes? On the Travelon website
How much do they cost? $63 - Use code SHEREENTRAVELS20% to get my exclusive discount.
What colors do they come in? Black | Gray (shown) | Navy
Other specs9.75" x 10.75" x 2", Strap Length: 52.5", Strap Drop Length: 14"-19", polyester fabric 

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Where would you take this bag on your travels?

Disclosure: Travelon sent me the Anti-Theft Metro Small Crossbody for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

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