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Saturday, November 2, 2019

How To Deal With Dirty Bathrooms with FannyPac

It's inevitable. When you travel, you're going to have to visit a bathroom or two, and often, those bathrooms can be less than ideal when it comes to cleanliness. As a lady, I was brought up to use the hover method, but as an adult, I want to feel like a person who doesn't think they're going to get some scrungy disease from a toilet seat. Fanny Pac knows the feeling.

Fanny Pac knows about those questionable bathrooms that you don't have a choice but to use, and the way we feel when we try to figure out if we can make it elsewhere. For the most part, we can't just nope right out of there, even though we see that there aren't any toilet seat covers and we don't want to touch anything at all. Fanny Pac has you covered (literally) with a tiny pack of emergency disposable seat covers. 

Though they come in a little pack that slips easily into your purse or pocket for just when you need them, each seat cover unfolds to a large size to cover any seat you need to use. I also love that instead of ovular, like a lot are, these are rectangular, so you have more coverage and much less chance of them slipping into the bowl before you get to sit down (you know what I mean, because it has happened to us all). The four corners flap over the outside of the seat, meaning more stability. 

When you travel, or go to a lot of festivals, or both, you see a lot of public bathrooms. I have quite a few requirements in what I think constitutes a good restroom, and even though sufficient lighting and convenience is near the top, cleanliness is always top priority. You aren't going to get this when faced with long lines of portable restrooms, places that have way more customers/guests than stalls, a lot of bars, parks, buses, and sometimes even airplanes. In fact, I was at a national chain store the other day and, though the bathroom was sparkling clean, there weren't any seat covers in the stalls. Whaaaaaat?

If you're someone who likes to be prepared for all sorts of situations or is even slightly germophobic, you're going to want to order a pack (or 10) of Fanny Pacs for your day bag, travel bag, purse, car, and coat. You don't want to be caught in the situation where you end up having to line the toilet seat with toilet paper, which does not keep germs out, especially when it's one of those places that you just have to pull out a hundred tiny squares to even have enough coverage for your business. 

Fanny Pac are eco-friendly, flushable, biodegradable, and unscented, so even those who have sensitivie skin and allergies can use them, plus they're not harmful to the environment, so your solution to yucky bathroom nightmares don't turn into any other sort of nightmare. Each pack comes with 10 seat covers, giving you (hopefully) enough for a regular vacation, but you can also buy a 5-package of packs. 

Not only are these great for travel and just normal home situations, but they are can be a lifesaver for those with mobility issues and other people who can't squat/hover, like little kids who are too short to even sit on the toilet without help. Get a bunch for your whole crew. Stuff them in their stockings this Christmas. 

Now, if someone can just think of a solution to finding no toilet paper in the bathroom, we'd be set. (tip: I also carry tissues and napkins at all times.)

More details
Where to buy them: On the Fanny Pac website
Cost: $5.99CAD/10pk

Learn more about Fanny Pac by following them on social media: Facebook | Instagram 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Fanny Pac for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% mine. 

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