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Saturday, July 18, 2020

How Will Travel Change After Covid?

With Americans now leading the world in Covid cases, we've been banned from the EU and many other countries. As of today, 26 states have been told they should not travel at all, and there isn't one state in the US that meets the Harvard Global Health Institute's risk-assessment standards to be on track for containing Covid within their state. That said, leisure travel is being highly discouraged for the moment, so let's talk about what will happen after we get this virus under control and travel is safe again:

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It should come as no shock that people are going to travel differently when they can, as well as how they change the way they live. For me, I will probably travel the same amount as before, but will take more precautions. 

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I have been moving toward more germ-free for the last few years and I know that I won't be going around the world being as unaware of people and germs as I have been in the past. I do try to keep some amount of distance and I carry wipes and hand sanitizer, but I know I don't use them as much as I should. That'll change. 

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I think you're going to see more people wearing masks throughout and after this, not just those from Asian countries. I'd love to see this normalized. I also think more people will give you space when in public, especially when in lines and on public transportation when there's room available to do so. I'm hoping there will be stricter cleaning procedures, including seeing people clean items they're touching or going to touch. 

I hope we can also be kinder to people we meet and interact with, because if this has taught us anything, it's that we're all human and we are all on this crazy world together, going through the same things, and you only have this one life.

If you're still looking to travel, maybe think about a road trip that's close to home, and don't forget to put together a coronavirus safety kit.

Will you travel or approach life differently after we are able to do so safely again? Whether you'll do more or less, let me know in the comments.

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