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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What Travelers Are Doing In the Wake of Covid

With news changing daily regarding Covid-19 and travel, I won't be traveling at all this year. As someone who loves to travel, you'd think this would be distressing to me, but I'm looking at it as an excuse to stay near home and enjoy all the outdoor things that Portland has to offer: food trucks, outdoor art, and green spaces (not hiking, because I am not a fan, but we have some great places to do that, too). 

The European Union has banned American travelers now that they've reopened borders today. Canada will close its borders to us as well. Some states will require visitors from others to quarantine for 2 weeks. Some states are re-quarantining. Until we actually get the virus under control, we should be sticking closer to home or traveling to unpopulated places. Camping and RVing is becoming more popular right now, as have self-catered getaways. Here are some stats on what others are thinking about 2020 travel and Covid.

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I've seen the new stat that only 44% of Americans are considering leisure travel in 2020, and over 70% of those traveling are planning to do so via road trip. 78% of travelers will limit their trip to 4 nights or less, and around half of them will be traveling for a family event, including holiday travel. 

Please stay safe and don't forget to pack a selection of masks if you do travel, so you have ones when you're washing others to wear again. And don't forget to wash your hands, and then wash them again, and also wash them again.

Have you planned or cancelled any travel for 2020?

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