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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Putting Together Your Coronavirus Road Trip Kit

While a lot of people won't be traveling at all right now, I know plenty are dying to get out of their house and just see something new. Road trips and RV rentals are popular right now, so let's talk about making it safe, because Coronavirus is still out there y'all. In addition to your regular road trip items, you're going to need a safety kit. 

You probably have a lot of these things already, and in your bag or your car, but just in case, let's go over the necessities. Being safe right now and not spreading Covid should be our number 1 priorities, no matter where we are. 


There are a lot places that have mandatory mask laws in place. Make sure you bring a handful for everyone. I am still doing my part for the environment, so I've invested in washable masks that I can put filters in (two coffee filters folded in half work just as well as a regular mask-grade filter). Eric and I probably have about 6-8 masks apiece, and I would bring all of those with me on a trip, so I always have a back-up, even when I am washing worn ones. *Also, remember that social distancing is still a thing even when wearing a mask. 

Antibacterial wipes 

I always keep some of these wipes from Savvy Travelers in my bag, but any wipes are good. I generally travel with a tub of Clorox Wipes. These can be used to wipe down your car interior and outside handles, ATM buttons, hotel bathrooms and remotes, rest area toilets, gas pumps, and also clean up spills. 

Hand sanitizer

I have a variety of sanitizers, including this fantastic spray sanitizer I picked up at Target from Olivia Care. Anytime we go anywhere and aren't going directly home, we spray both sides of our hands. I also spray anything I touch, so I'm not tracking germs places, like wearing gloves can do. Plus I'm not constantly throwing gloves away. Sanitizer is also great for when you go into a public restroom and there isn't any soap available.


When you're frequently using hand sanitizer and washing your hands a bunch, your hands are going to get super dry, so make sure to keep a good moisturizing lotion on hand. Maybe bring a couple, so you can keep one in the back seat area, so everyone has access. 

Toilet paper

You never know what might happen when you travel and finding that the rest area you just walked into is out of toilet paper is not a fun thing at all. Bring a few rolls for emergencies. Also, people touch toilet paper and other surfaces, so bringing your own just makes good sense right now.

Paper towels

You probably already keep a roll of these in your car. I do, because accidents happen. I've also been in a lot of public restrooms and rest area bathrooms that had no paper products of any kind. Having gross wet hands is not...great. And using your pants as a paper towel is garbage. We've all been there though. You probably want to keep one with you any time you get out of the car, so you don't have to touch suspect surfaces, like sink taps, bathroom doors, etc.

Not shown: 

Bottled water

I either bring a gallon or 2-liter bottle full of water. It can be used to clean up messes, to clean hands, for hydration (don't forget about your pup if they're along for the ride), and any number of other situations.

Seat covers

I hate public restrooms, and right now they are higher up on the list of danger zones than eating inside a restaurant. If you're worried about cleanliness, especially at rest areas, you might want to carry a pack of seat covers when none are available in the stall for you. I highly recommend FannyPac. They are affordable, large, and come in a small package, so they aren't going to take up much room. 

So, my suggestion for those of you heading out on the road is to have an in-car pack and a "go bag" for anytime you get out to use a restroom. That way you don't have to run in and scope things out before you decide if you need stuff or not, especially if you really gotta go. Be prepared, be safe, and have fun.

Will you be taking a road trip this summer?

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