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Saturday, December 26, 2020

Let's Talk About the Holidays

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you're having a good one. We had a quiet socially-distanced family get together on Thursday. We exchanged gifts, sat outside, and wore masks. And yesterday we put up a Christmas backdrop, had my mom over for our traditional dinner and played some games. This is not the year for us to have a big party. 

This year we've been able to see people one-on-one in front of houses or in backyards. We've exchanged gifts by mailing them or dropping them at people's doors. While it's not conventional, for the most part it has been pretty nice, because we've had the chance to engage with people in different ways than usual.

We had our weekly Zoom brunch last weekend and did a white elephant gift exchange. We've also done our annual Die Hard viewing. While we're sitting around chilling this Covid Christmas, we've been catching up on what everyone's doing and learning some new things.

The tropics have awesome holiday traditions that we don't have, like Junkanoo and Parranda. 

Drive-thru light shows are becoming increasingly popular this year. Our zoo has a drive through zoo lights. we haven't been yet, but we still might check it out. Above are some pics of our visit last year.

We've received a lot of cookies this season. Here are some of the best holiday desserts from around the world. One of my favorite things is a ginger cookie called Lebkuchen from Germany. They aren't on this list, but they should be.

I love a good myth and/or horror story. You've probably heard of Krampus, but have you heard of Yule Cat or Frau Perchta? If not, check out these scary legends of Christmas lore from around the world. 

This is the background I purchased for Christmas.

If you're like me, you've always wanted to go on vacation to visit the many Christmas markets of Europe, but we have family obligations and it's always more expensive to travel then. Well now you can check out these beautiful markets virtually and save money by not getting to buy anything.

New Year's Eve is going to be super weird this year for a lot of people. We don't normally go anywhere, but we enjoy watching celebrations online. This year we've decided we will celebrate in "Thailand" and then have a virtual Zoom party where friends and family can drop in and play games and share good wishes and stories from the previous year. If you want to feel like part of the action, check out these virtual celebrations around the globe.

You'll be seeing pics of my New Years Eve partying, especially if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

What are YOU doing for December 31?

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I may be compensated should you choose to make any purchases through them. This allows me to keep this blog running for you. Thanks in advance! 

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