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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Meow Wolf's Area15 In Las Vegas

Meow Wolf is a phenomenon. An art company that creates interactive immersive art projects, that has opened a veritable art complex right off the I-15. Area15 is a collection of big art, experiences, food, drink, and shopping. I have been following their social media for years waiting for their Las Vegas museum to open and it didn't disappoint.

Meow Wolf is a phenomenon. An art company that creates interactive immersive art projects, that has opened a veritable art complex right off the I-15.

Though we were there for Omega Mart, our ticket came with entry to Area15, too. The grounds are chock full of huge art and you basically walk through a sculpture garden to get there. In fact, you walk right through this arch by Davis McCarty called Pulse Portal. You can see all the gorgeous colors it creates in the sun.

I'm sorry if, like my mom, you are sick of seeing this t-shirt in my pictures. I did bring other shirts with me and also wore them, but you'll be seeing this one for at least one more post. 

Many of the pieces are welded metal, like this dragon called El Scorcho (ha!), created by Ivan McClean. The detail is wonderful and the size is pretty imposing, making you wonder how large he would be if you were blessed with an entire dragon body.

Next is one of Tyler Fuqua's fallen robots. You've, no doubt, seen his brother Mechan X downtown, either in person or in pictures. This one is Mechan 9 and is dedicated to other robots, including Iron Giant, C-3P0, and Optimus Prime.

Omah the owl is a newly acquired piece from Alchmey Arts based out of Portland, Oregon. 

If you're looking for something a little romantic, then you'll find this very tall silver couple by Michael Benisty entitled In Every Lifetime I Will Find You. Are they naked? Just barefoot? Aliens? Whatever the answer, this piece is pretty powerful and stands 25 feet tall. 

Just before heading inside, you see this apocalyptic Las Vegas sign. Did I mention all this art is also for sale? So, if you're in need of a holographic geometric archway, or a huge rusted robot, or an infinity room in a small shipping container, and you have the money, you can totally own it.

Look at this door! All sides of the warehouse space is gorgeous and different. This made you feel like you were going somewhere exclusive, and even inside you got the same feeling, even though it was teeming with people. 

After entering into a short hallway that resembled the airlock of a space ship, the doors slide open and you're blasted by thumping music and this fantastic skull that pulses in time to the music. Not literally, but the artwork on it is ever-changing. 

This piece is entitled Shogyo Mujo by Bartkresa Studio and Josh Harker. You can watch a short video on YouTube. I wish I had taken one, but I was so enamored by things I didn't even think about it. This is not the place to go if you easily succumb to sensory overload.

Every inch of wall is covered in signs or art or a doorway into an eatery, shop, or other experience. This bar in the middle of the large warehouse space is covered by a light-up tree. To the side you can see part of The Sanctuary, a piece brought from a previous Burning Man that creates a lovely seating area, made with sustainably-sourced bamboo and dreamed up by Balinese artists from Ibuku Design Studio.

The mural above this one and this one are both larger than life and colorful and gorgeous. Though completely different, they totally work in the space, and I honestly can't wait to return to see more of it.

Admission to Area15 is free, but you must have a ticket to get in, which you can do on their website. If you want to see more pics that I took on this trip, you can see them on Instagram or you can stay tuned for Saturday's post, where I try to explain Omega Mart.

Do you prefer unconventional art or going to a traditional museum?

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