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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Snapshots of a Road Trip

We're currently on a road trip, going from Portland to Reno to Las Vegas and back. Considering we didn't feel comfortable on a plane just yet, this seemed like the best way to still take a vacation and also still feel safe, since we could control who we would be around and remove ourselves from situations that felt too close to others. I love a good road trip, and we haven't been on one together for quite a long time, that was further than the next state over. 

We're currently on a road trip, going from Portland to Reno to Las Vegas and back. Here are just a few pics from our drive.

As you probably know by now, we are timeshare owners, and we use it whenever possible on trips. Luckily, we were able to get rooms in both Reno and Vegas and only had to figure out where we would eat and what else we wanted to do. If you've been following me for some time, then you have seen that we go to Vegas at least once a year. Often, I go twice, and one year I went three times before the end of July, and that is on top of our other regular big trip of the year. We have family here, but the city changes so often that it's hardly ever the same trip twice.

All the bags on the left are just empty reusable grocery bags that I probably could have left at home.

I'll be recapping my trip and telling you all about the new things we did (including the Museum of Dream Space, OmegaMart, Reno's Riverwalk District, and awesome food), but right now I wanted to share some photos of the road tripping part, which will also be followed up with some tips when I return. Mask mandates are in effect in both Oregon and Nevada (though you won't see that many in between the bigger cities), so we felt pretty good about getting out and doing some stuff among people. 

I'm a sucker for a cool rest area, because I love seeing historical markers (like the one below) or just fun maps, like this one. If there are brochures, vending machines, good bathrooms, or little shops, that's even better. It's also just nice to look at stuff while you're stretching your legs.

Road trips are a great excuse to try local restaurants, cafes and coffee shops! The coffee wasn't the best, but the food made up for it.

I also like rest areas that seem too creepy to stop at alone, because I guess I'm weird. 
That one had clean restrooms and a lot of parking, plus this crazy place across the street where a guy was basically selling cold drinks, ice, and random other stuff like a mini thrift store. It's unfortunate I didn't need an old coffee maker or vintage shot glasses.

I'll never not stop at a cool looking cemetery. This one had people who were buried over 100 years ago, some from the 50s and even newly deceased people in a grassy part. You could see how some familes were buried together, some people didn't even have headstones, just little metal signs stuck in the ground, and how many children had died between 1918 and 1955.

I wished I had a little trinket to put on this guy's plot as well. His family seemed to really care a lot and he had fresh fake flowers and other military things brought fairly recently. We righted some other people's flowers that had fallen over, and I put this jar back on the ledge, because there's no reason that the dead can't have nice plots. Also, I just felt like if I was coming to visit people I didn't know, I should do something nice for them besides admire their headstones.

Every time I drive this route, I stop for gas at Eddie's World. It has a giant candy store with clean bathrooms, plus it's also the last gas for quite a while. Check out some of their aisles:

Anyhow, that's my road trip so far. You can see more of my trip while I'm on it if you follow me on Instagram, but I'll definitely be bringing more of it to you, including tips for having a successful and budget-friendly trip. I hope you're all staying safe and healthy.

Where are your favorite places to stop on a road trip or to go on a road trip?

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