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Saturday, April 2, 2022

How To Travel With Your Dog

Traveling with your dog is not always cheap, or easy, but with a little bit of prep, you can make it more enjoyable for everyone. We did quite a big of road travel with our dog

Traveling with your dog is not always cheap, or easy, but with a little bit of prep, you can make it more enjoyable for everyone.


Bring their comforts
Dogs can be stressed when they're away from home and in unfamiliar situations. Even if your dog loves the car, it doesn't mean he's going to love it for hours and hours. My pup has her own seat in the car so she can see out the window, but I also bring a dog bed for when she starts to get tired and wants to stretch out. I take that bed into hotels with us, that way she has consistency, and her bed from home. I also found out that she is very picky about her dishes, so I need to bring those with me as well. I take her normal food and snacks with me, so she doesn't have tummy problems. If your dog has special toys, then take one or two of those along as well.

Stop often
Your dog can't tell you when they have to potty, so I plan to stop often. Before I leave home, I check out all the dog parks along our way and make a note of them. I also keep an eye out for rest areas, because even if I don't have to go, it's nice to get out and stretch your legs. Your dog will think so too. I plan a stop every two hours. 

Stay on a schedule
I know it's difficult to stay on a normal schedule when you're spending a ton of time in the car, but if your dog has a regular feeding time, make sure you stick to it. They can't understand why they have to wait, so make sure you plan one of those rest stops for a dinner break at their regular time.

Keep water readily available
At home your dog can probably get a drink any time they want. Also, the car can be a lot warmer than your home, so make sure your dog has plenty to drink. I make sure any time we stop at a rest stop, park, gas station or anywhere else, I offer some cool water. Bring a thermos or a few bottles of water in your cooler just for them, as well as a dish from which to drink from.

Find dog-friendly restaurants
Your dog doesn't want to stay in the car while you eat. Look for places that are dog-friendly and have outdoor seating. Most places that welcome dogs will let you know on their website or you can check out dogfriendly.com to find eateries when you travel.

Bring some drugs
Okay, not actual drugs, unless your dog requires medication. If your pup gets stressed over certain things, bring something that will comfort them or help them chill. A Thunder Shirt works for a lot of dogs, but I find that Bach's Rescue Remedy for dogs works great for mine.

Don't forget the necessities
If it's cold where you're traveling, don't forget their coat and boots (because frozen feet aren't fun). If it's hot where you're going, bring a cool collar and anything else that might help. We've used a collar similar to this. Also, remember their leash and collar/harness and potty bags.


The same rules apply as when you road trip, but because you can't schedule stops when you want, you need to make the ones you are allowed to make count. Try to plan for layovers that are long enough to allow you to have a good potty break. Most airports have pet relief areas, but many make you go outside to use them, so you need to make sure you have enough time to make it back through security with your pup.

More and more airports are incorporating indoor pet relief areas for convenience, which is really nice. They aren't fancy, but at leas they can pee and stretch their legs before having to get back in their carrier. Make sure they get a snack and a drink before they have to get back on the plane.

Remember, as uncomfortable as you are flying (and hungry and thirsty and needing to use the restroom), you can control your actions and aren't confined to a small bag. Let them do their business before you do, so there are no accidents.

Where have you traveled with your pup?

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