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Saturday, April 23, 2022

Travel "After" Covid

Covid isn't gone, but we're also all slowly getting back to normal, including traveling. That said, many of us having really traveled for 2 years, and now that we are, we're doing it differently than before the pandemic took hold. 

Now that Covid cases are ebbing and travel is bouncing back, people are getting back out there in new and different ways.

I have to say, that I love the contactless systems in place. Even though travel has gotten more complicated in some respects, it's also gotten much easier in others. I'm excited to see what kind of travel experiences are in store for us in the future. Here are what most people are looking forward to for their next trips. It's not all adventure travel either. 

Business travel is bouncing back in a big way, but more business travelers are taking extra days to make that travel more meaningful. Life is too short to fly in, do a meeting, and fly out again. More often they are choosing to add days to those trips to actually make them trips. 

I see more people wanting to spend quality time away from home with their family and/or friends. 

I also think more people are going to choose trips more carefully than before. As much as I enjoy visiting Vegas multiple times a year (it's never boring), I also find myself craving more, new-to-me destinations. While I've always wanted to see new places, between not being able to travel that much over the last 24 months and our Destination Date Nights, I want to go more places than ever and have mentally updated my current when-to-go list.

We'll be going somewhere new each January to get a little bit of sun during the bleak winter months (this year was Tucson, next year it'll be Palm Springs), we may be doing more short road trips, and we're going to be visiting destinations in the fall that we've always talked about going to and haven't actually gone t0. On the short list: Toronto, Chicago, Iceland, Austin. I want us to get the most out of our passports, Global Entry, and Pre✔ as possible.

How has travel changed (or not changed) for you since Covid hit?

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