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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Shereen Travels Cheap Turns 13

I'm a little behind this month, because so much has been going on, but I couldn't let my blog birthday go by (too much) without acknowledging it. My blog is, officially, a a teenager now! We're finally back to pre-pandemic levels, though this year has been almost 100% trips to California (Palm Springs, San Francisco, Los Angeles), but we're doing our fall trip to Vancouver, BC, and we'll see if there's another short trip before the end of the year. What else can you look forward to?

Photo by Deva Williamson on Unsplash

Our trip to Paris last year really got us back into big travel, but those road trips we did have given us back our love of packing up the car and going a bit closer to home. We road tripped to LA this year and will be doing the same to British Columbia. This saves us money on airfare and car rental. 

We had originally planned to go to Toronto this year, but flights were kind of too much after we spent so much going to Disney and Universal, and we also weren't sure Eric's renewed passport would arrive in time, considering the long wait times right now. I did arrive last week though, so we didn't have to go to our backup plan.

So, perhaps Toronto will be on for next year. We are also tentatively looking to go to The Big Island early in 2024, take at least one trip to Vegas to see family, a possible short trip to Chicago (since they moved the Travel Goods Show there), and maybe another trip TBD. Lots of up in the air stuff, which is usually something that gives me anxiety, but I'm looking at it as a fun, surprise year, because we have so many options. 

Coming up on the blog:
  • How to travel light when you're afraid you're going to leave important things behind
  • A tribute to Harry Potter, containing all the Potter-y things we've done this year (we'll just ignore that I was too busy to post a birthday post and do a back to Hogwarts one instead) with our non-profit's Wizarding Weekend, my annual Potter party, my visit to Hogsmeade, and other stuff
  • Throwing an EPCOT staycation birthday party
  • Mix and match packing lists for your fall travels
  • Academy Award Museum in Los Angeles
  • How to be safe and avoid being robbed on vacation
  • Crowdsourcing your trip itinerary
And here are some of the most popular past posts that you may have missed:
Thanks for following along on my travels and allowing me to give you my favorite travel tips and recommendations for what to do in travel destinations. I hope you will continue to tune in and learn how to travel more, for less, to exciting destinations! In the next couple months, I hope to be launching something new, so watch for that, too. 

Where are you hoping to travel over the next year?

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