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Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Cubes

Do you find that even with packing advice, you still have problems with getting everything to fit in your carry-on bag? I love packing and getting everything I need into my bag, but I know that everyone is not as pack-happy as I am. I also know that not everyone wants to spend their weeks up to their vacation practicing their packing skills. Fortunately, Eagle Creek has developed the Pack-It™ Cube System, mesh cubes that hold your clothes and organize your carry-on. If you want all of your similar items to go together in your bag and then be able to quickly and easily unpack at your destination, these are definitely for you.

The concept is easy: roll your clothes as I normally tell you to do and then fit them snugly into your cube and then stack them into your bag. They are great, because they come in many different sizes and are meant to help you pack more efficiently and they can go right from your bag to dresser drawer when you get to your hotel. You’ll know exactly what is in which cube and can pack them back in your carry-on just as simply when your trip is over.

Eagle Creek sent me a set of cubes to test out at home, which I promptly and excitedly did as I was unpacking from my trip last week. I received both the double cube and the original size cube. The double fit perfectly in my large carry-on as a foundation layer. I was able to fit 75% of my items into both the double and the original (which is more than I would pack for just myself) and then strapped them down, added my shoes and toiletry bag and still had more room, both in the cubes and in the bag itself. I easily could have packed everything I took with me on vacation into both cubes, though I chose to show you how a bag could be packed for one person who routinely packs more than they need. My bag was nicely organized and everything was readily accessible. Another pair of shoes could even fit in there!

Look at this nice foundation

Enough clothes for 2 weeks, pair of walking shoes and toiletry bag
The cubes have convenient handles, come in fun colors and also have two-way zippers that run ¾ of the way around the top of the cubes. The tops are made of mesh, making them breathable instead of trapping odors, and they are soft-sided, so if you don’t totally fill them, they won’t take up more space than necessary. (Unless you need extra protection for items, in which case, there are Protect-It™ Cubes available.) Eagle Creek also makes a point to use the best materials possible, so you know your cubes will be the highest quality and highly durable. They are made to last a lifetime.

Remember the great Eagle Creek Emerson bag I reviewed last week? Well, if you purchase that or a similar bag, the original Pack-It™ Cube fits perfectly into it. You can fill it with 3 days’ worth of clothing and undergarments and be set for anything a weekend getaway throws at you. Not only will you be organized, your travel clothes will have less (if any) wrinkles, which is another great thing about rolling your items.
Tube Cube                                        Quarter Cube

Use the different sizes of cubes to make the best packing system for you and your travel needs. Maybe you will opt for two Double Cubes or four Originals or one Double and three Half-Tube Cubes. However you want to pack, Eagle Creek has a Pack-It™ Cube solution for you. Cubes range anywhere from $8 to $42 for more advanced pieces and you can buy sets for between $25 and $40.

Other stuff you need to know:
What are these bags made of? Recycled EcoLite™ Weave, Mesh Poly, Hydro-Tech™ (Protect-It™ Cubes)  
Available Colors: Bali (light blue with dark blue design), Black, Cypress Green, Elevation (grey background with black wavy pattern), Morocco (red background with subtle Moroccan pattern), Pacific Blue, Rio Red
Where can you buy them? Look on the Eagle Creek website, where you can also find retailers, both online and off worldwide.
                Expandable Cube                        2-Sided Cube                    Complete Organizer

Disclosure: I received the Emerson bag from Eagle Creek in order to write this review, but the opinions are all 100% my own. Thank you again to Eagle Creek for allowing me to tell all my wonderful readers about this amazing bag. Want a review of your product? Find more information here.

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