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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review: Emerson Carry-On from Eagle Creek

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a bagaholic. Yes, I love bags of every size and style that can be used for anything from toting lunches to golf clubs. Maybe it’s because I find bags so versatile and I also like to carry things, but it’s rare that I come across a bag that is so great I want to tell everyone else about it. But that’s just what happened when a little something called the Emerson from Eagle Creek arrived on my door step.  

Having already admitted that I have an unhealthy bag problem, you can imagine how many carry-on bags, purses, overnight bags, wristlets and cross-body bags I own. I mean, I still have a suitcase and a rolling garment bag that must be checked that I don’t use anymore, but refuse to give up. So, why add one more to the collection? Well, the simple answer is: once you have the Emerson, you will see no reason to keep many of those other bags!

If you think I’m exaggerating, I am not. The Emerson is the perfect companion bag for the airplane (or the gym or sleepovers or an on-the-go office or even someone with a baby). Not only is the bag roomy, it will hold your 17″ laptop and all the essentials you need in the air. Having just come home from a trip, I immediately unpacked the bag I brought with me and stuffed everything into the Emerson to see how well it would fit and if I could get to it all. Now, I don’t bring my huge laptop with me, but as you can see, it fits in the padded compartment with room to spare! I do travel with my netbook and iPad, which both fit nicely in the same compartment side by side, and then my Kindle, iPod Touch, snacks, a small purse, travel games for the plane, a pad of paper, a bottle of water, a magazine or two (or ones I’ve taken from the plane for later), some pens and my husband’s Nintendo DS. Look at all the stuff in the bag and there is still room for more!

I love all the pockets and the wide bottom, too. It has fantastic metal zippers and accents, and the bottom is lined and has feet to keep it from getting dirty. Not only that, the shape of the bag makes it easy to see everything and remove items. The bag is stylish, comes in great colors (thank you to Eagle Creek for somehow knowing that red would go with every travel thing I own) and has wonderfully wide straps that are comfortable for carrying on your shoulder. There is even a removable longer, adjustable strap to carry it cross-body.

Keep all your travel docs and your passport in the front or back zippered pocket and then slip the bag onto your larger carry-on handle. To me, that is one of the best features that aren’t included in many boarding bags anymore. Being able to stack your bags is great for navigating through the airport and also frees up your arm for your baby, phone or latte!

Okay, so I tried some other combinations for this bag as well:
  • I found you could easily use it for a work bag. Hello! A 17″ laptop fits in there! You have pockets in there for your cell phone, pens, paperwork and anything else you need for doing work on-the-go.
  • Carry your scrapbooking project with you!
  • Put a change of clothes, some shoes and toiletries in it and use it for an overnight or weekend bag. (You can even use it with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ system to pack more in there.)
  • Keep your gym clothes, towel and blow dryer in it for workouts.
  • Got a new baby? Cram this thing full of diapers, wipes, bottles, changing pad, toys and spare clothing! Mom and Dad look great carrying this bag and once you don’t need a baby bag anymore, it has so many more uses!

Now that you know about the awesomeness of this bag, let’s talk about specifics. With dimensions of 17.5″ x 12″ x 5.5″ this bag easily holds all your necessities and slides under the airplane seat with room to spare. You’ll look better carrying it, too (in MY opinion). It’s backed by Eagle Creek’s lifetime warranty. If your zippers break or the seams come undone, simply send it back to Eagle Creek to get it repaired or replaced by a similar product. See their website for repair information.

Eagle Creek uses the highest grade materials in their products, making them long-lasting and durable. So, not only will you love your bag (or other product), but you can be assured that it will travel with you as long as you are able to travel. It’s great for the environment (less rubbish in landfills) and also for your wallet, because this is the last bag you may ever need to buy. With that kind of guarantee, the $145 price tag doesn’t look so bad. Reduce your cost per use each time you use it over your lifetime!

What more can you say about this bag? Not much, but here are some things you might want to know as well:

What is this bag made of? 420D Helix™-e Tela, 420D Helix Stratus, 600D Helix™-e Astra, Satin (interior).
Available Colors: Black, Dove Stratus (silver) and Rio Red Stratus
Where can you buy it? Look on the Eagle Creek website, where you can also find retailers, both online and off here.

Disclosure: I received the Emerson bag from Eagle Creek in order to write this review, but the opinions are all 100% my own. Thank you again to Eagle Creek for allowing me to tell all my wonderful readers about this amazing bag. Want a review of your product? Find more information here.


  1. Hey! I found out about the Emerson bag last night, and have been doing some reading around. Your post has just about sold me on it. Just wondering one thing: since it's a large bag, will airlines still count it as a purse? The next time I fly, I want to do with only a purse and a carry-on roller bag. The Emerson looks like it'd be just the thing for my eventual iPad, camera stuff, snacks, etc. but was not sure about it being too large to be counted as a purse or not. Thanks so much! I'm going to bookmark your blog :)

    1. Hi Jen! Glad you're interested in the Emerson bag. I would check the airline guidelines for a "personal item", but it fits under the seat in the airplane (I tried it!), so you should be able to take both. It's not bigger than a backpack, which they claim counts as a personal item, and I've seen ladies bring purses of similar sizes.


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