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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Pearl Harbor Day 12.7.11

Pearl Harbor Day has arrived and I’d like to take this time to reflect on the infamous day in 1941 in US history that tragedy struck. Eric and I were fortunate enough to visit Pearl Harbor on a day this year when two of the remaining survivors were on-site to meet guests. Here is a photo of us with them and some extra pictures taken that day.

These guys still like to hang loose
Can you see anything?
Come in...Tokyo?

USS Bowfin 
Arizona Memorial
Parts of the wreckage of the USS Arizona
So many names...
If you’ll be visiting Honolulu and want to take a tour to Pearl Harbor and the rest of the city, please think about booking with VIP Transportation Tours. They are awesome and informative and if you specifically request Earl, you’ll get to see some amazing sites that other tour guides won’t take you to. (Plan for an extra hour, though, as your tour will be a little longer than normal. I promise you it will be worth it!)

Yearning for more? 

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