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Friday, December 9, 2011

When Travel Doesn't Go as Planned

Coming soon: guest post on family travel on the Alice.com blog and author interview on AllisonWrites.com

We have talked about when you need travel insurance and why you should purchase it, but what about where you buy it? Access America offers travel insurance to U.S. customers and works with travel insurers worldwide as well as the best and most-popular companies in the market today, including AAA, Orbitz, Disney Cruise Line and more. When you book a plane ticket, vacation or a cruise, they are who you receive optional insurance with. You know, that little box you check before you hit purchase?

If you must insure your plans, you should get the best insurance possible for you and your trip. Get a free rate quote, speak with a representative if you aren’t sure what plan you need, read the fine print and purchase or change your policy right online. With possible plans for big family vacations over the holiday, this is always something you will want to think about...or look into for future travel. Insurance can cover car rentals, trip delay, trip cancellation, emergency medical and existing medical conditions. They can even cover you in case the company you booked your vacation with goes out of business. Need more info? Check out Access America. For more details on whether or not you should purchase it, you can read my previous blog post and also this guest post on travel insurance tips

Protect your Family with Access America

Tomorrow we'll look at some last-minute travel gifts for the jet setter on your list. All will fit in your carry-on for easy packing when you fly home for the holidays, so you don't have to check a bag or send ahead to save money.

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