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Friday, December 16, 2011

Make the Holidays Special This Year

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For so many people Christmas has just become a time of stress and debt. With so much to do and so mant presents to buy it is easy to lose track of the meaning of the season and just become a scrooge. This season why not try something different so that you and your family can rediscover the spirit of the season and create happy Christmas memories to enjoy all year long.

Have a handmade holiday

Leave everyone else to deal with the hoards of shoppers on the high street and have a handmade holiday in your house. There are so many different types of gifts you can make yourself and you can guarantee that family and friends will appreciate them so much more because of your effort. Make use of your individual talents, whether they be cooking, photography, sewing, or woodwork, and deliver a gift that really means something. Don't worry if you haven't yet discovered your skill yet, there are so many tutorials on the internet today you are bound to find something that you can add your personal flair to. If you can't think of anything that your loved ones need this Christmas why not give them the gift of time or your skill? Maybe your sister could use a babysitter so that she and her husband can have a much needed night out? From hairdressing to DIY you are sure to have a unique skill that would be greatly appreciated by someone else.

Get away to a holiday cottage

Having the whole family together in one place for the holidays just is not an option for many, especially if you want everyone to stay for a meal. Renting a cottage could be the perfect solution and with so many different options around the country there is sure to be one to suit you and your family. From large modern Anglesey cottages to more traditional Lake District cottages there will be a home that seems made just for you.

If all of the cleaning and decorating is getting you down this Christmas then renting a self-catering cottage for the season could be a great option. Just bring in everything you need for the Christmas dinner and leave all of those other tasks to someone else. You could even be really cheeky and have the whole meal catered, the epitome of holiday decadence!

Appreciate what you have

If the excesses of the season are getting you down - too much food, drink, and money spending - then volunteering may be a way to help others and help you to rediscover the real spirit of the season. With the tough economic times this Christmas there will be more people than ever unable to celelbrate the season and having to depend on the support of shelters and food banks to get by. Whether it is time or money that you can offer to charities, anything that you can spare is sure to be appreciated. Volunteering has also been found to be good for your health, having a positive effect on your self-esteem and increase your overall sense of wellbeing. Stepping outside of your regular routine can really help to give you a new perspective on the world and help you to recognize the positive aspects of your life.

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