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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Broadway Box for Affordable Show Tickets

Do you ever plan a trip to a place that is known for its high production shows, only to be disappointed when you go to book one and find the prices to be astronomical? I mean, how has $130 to waste per ticket on a vacation? Well, some people do and others try to build that cost into their travel savings, but seriously, if they are doing 6-10 shows per week and the place is packed, do they really need to charge so much? I suppose that’s the number one thing you learn when it comes to supply and demand, but it’s frustrating for those of us that want to see quality shows that people have raved about, but can’t afford the ticket prices. I think Broadway Box was made just for us.

Broadway Box pulls together lists of all the shows available in Las Vegas, London, New York and Orlando and scours the web for all the best discounts, too. You can’t book anything directly through BB, but you can click through the links provided and use the promo codes to book your shows at much lower prices. Save a bundle or even get package deals like dinner and a show. Actually, these are the best ways to buy your tickets, because many times the dinner and a show packages give you prices that might even include your dinner for free. If not, it’s really not much more to add a fancy meal to your night out to see a fantastic musical, play or other kind of performance. Save up to 50% off regular box office rates.

Not only that, but you can even get massive discounts on tourist attractions. Save big off things like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, tours, rental cars and receive shop discounts, too. Another bonus to using Broadway Box to find discount codes off everything you want to do is that you can pay for them up front and before you leave. It makes your vacation budget feel a little stretchier and pulls that total down a bit with each activity you pay for ahead of time. The more you already have booked, the less you’ll have to spend when you get there and, even though you still had to pay money for it, the easier it will be to fit more into your vacation, since there isn’t a huge dollar sign waiting for you on the day you leave. You know what I mean.

$5,000 vacation total
-100   activity, paid for 12/30
-50     activity, paid for 12/30
-600   hotel, paid for 1/15
-300   park tickets, paid for 2/15
-120   activity, paid for 2/20
-200   dining certificates, paid for 12/30-3/1
$3,630 remaining balance needed on March 13th

Looks better than this:
$5,000 vacation total needed on March 13th

Hopefully, that total is just a fictitious one, since there are so many ways to save on your travels that, unless you’re doing a bunch of really expensive things, your total can be cut by hundreds – and, more often than not, thousands – of dollars. In your quest to save, check out Broadway box for activities and more! I’ll certainly be using it on my trip to London this fall. West End shows are like New York’s Broadway productions and I'm dying to see one or two.

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