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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

After an eventful and pretty awesome year, my friends put together a very unique New Year's Eve party. Because others have late parties to go to, or have kids to put to bed early, they came up with the Countdown to 12(pm) bash. We counted down and greeted the new year at noon and toasted the new year with sparkling cider at the same time as folks in Moscow and other cities in that time zone. 

Happy New Year!
So, what else was on the menu? How do pancake pies sound? Amazing, right? Well, it totally was! Pancake pies are the best brunch food ever and Kate is a genius. Bob also gets credit for helping put it all together and taking over pancake flipping duties. They made delicious pancakes and then had pie fillings and toppings, like banana cream pie, blueberries, pecans and whipped cream. Yum! All the ingredients were vegetarian/vegan and we all ate way too much. Served with assorted juices and coffee. Best New Year's Eve party ever. 

Bread and muffins and cupcakes and cider!

Let me tell you, bananas, syrup and coconut on top of pancakes are tasty, as is banana cream pie "filling", apples and fresh berries. With the huge selection set out, everyone was able to get creative with their flapjacks. We were all very impressed.

Look at this spread!
While we didn't have to travel far to celebrate, it is one of my favorite ways to ring in the new year (even if it wasn't actually the new year yet) and a party I'll always remember...plus something you can do wherever you are. Celebrate at midnight in your hometown, whether it's 3pm or 3am in your travel destination. And everyone loves pancakes (though you can switch it up to local fare if you like).  

The pancake maven at work
The littlest pancake fan (and Bob)
However you celebrated, I hope it was a great time. Happy New Year and enjoy 2012, which I believe will be a wonderful one. In fact, this year will see Shereen Travels Cheap branching out. In the next few months you'll be seeing the launch of Shereen Travels Cheap UK, for my UK fans and those hoping to travel there. 

Eric enjoying his concoction
Toasting at 12
Everyone at work making their pancake pie masterpieces

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