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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Keeping Warm in The Middle of Winter 1.18.12

So, in the middle of watching the movie Piranha (not in 3D, unfortunately), I started to get wistful for the summer months and warm weather. I suppose that’s probably a weird reaction to watching people being eaten alive by flesh-eating fish, but since I’m pretty sure prehistoric piranhas don’t really exist, I was able to still feel a little jealous for those in bathing suits that hadn’t fallen victim to the scourge yet.

With winter in full swing for plenty of places in the Northern Hemisphere, many of you are probably in my same boat, except without the cheeseball horror flick. Are you tired of the cold, dreary weather? Irritated every day when you have to pull out another thick sweater and pair of wooly socks? Sure, you get to wear your rad selection of boots, but it’s not as much fun that you have to wear them just to keep your toes from freezing and falling off. Got some extra cash you can toss at a getaway of some kind? Well, then you can take advantage of some great vacation deals right now, like:

Cruises – Right now, there are a billion specials on cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as ones in the Mediterranean. Pack your swimsuit and summer clothing (and a coat for when you come back) and enjoy the beach and pool and everything else that you don’t have to wear 42 layers of clothes to do!

South America – It’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and South America is always affordable, so not only can you enjoy warm weather, but you can do it for less. Feel free to hike, shop, take pictures, visit museums and more without a coat and gloves.

Mexico – Say hola to the sun again and work on your Spanish while haggling for tchotchkes and printed tees that you will probably never wear once you get home. Grab a couple of margaritas while you catch some rays, but make sure you apply and reapply sunscreen, or you will end up like a lobster. You probably want to eat them, not look like one.

Florida – The Orange State might be in the middle of winter, too, but it’s much milder than the rest of the States, meaning you can visit and bring some warm clothes, but less bulky and cumbersome than those you’re probably wearing at home. During the day, you can likely get by with jeans and t-shirt.

Hawaii – Aloha beach and sunshine. Go snorkeling, hike a volcano, eat delicious seafood and do it all in flip flops and shorts. Right now you can find some amazing rates on hotels in more popular cities.

Where would YOU go if you could travel someplace warm right now?

P.S. I recommend Piranha for those of you who like “scary” movies and find unrealistic gore hilarious, which I do. All those people who only gave it one star have no sense of humor and were, obviously, expecting something from something that will end up being shown a bunch of times on SyFy. 

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